Adobe Licensing Options

For one affordable monthly charge, Adobe® Creative Cloud™ for teams provides campus work groups with access to any of the Adobe CS6 applications, along with feature updates and new tools and services as they become available.

Reasons to use Adobe® Creative Cloud™

  • Download and use any Adobe professional creative tool, including CS6, Adobe Muse,™ Lightroom, Edge Tools & Services, and more
  • Benefit from always up-to-date software
  • Access new tools and features from Adobe as soon
  • as they are available
  • Share content easily among workgroups
  • Take advantage of predictable budgeting
  • Experience a lower cost of entry
  • Simplify compliance management
  • Treat software purchases as an operating expense
  • Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 software
  • Adobe Muse™ and Adobe Edge tools and services
  • Collaboration tools and 100GB of online storage, per seat
  • Low cost of entry to all Creative Cloud components
  • Administrator console helps you easily manage and scale your investment
  • Budget predictability for the entire year
  • Easier procurement and license management

Reasons to use traditional Adobe® CS6 licensing:

  • Specific and finite Adobe software products
  • A choice of licensing programs and payment options
  • Perpetual ownership of the license(s)
  • Ability to treat their software purchases as a capital expense and depreciate costs over time

Traditional CS6 licensing: FAQs

Which versions can I upgrade from?

Upgrades are available from CS3 and CS4 until December 31, 2012, after which only CS5 and CS5.5 customers will qualify for upgrade pricing to CS6. Consider Creative Cloud to avoid worrying about upgrades.

Will I get updates when new versions are released?

Only if you purchase upgrade protection at an additional cost or join Creative Cloud, in which all upgrades are included with the cost of your membership.

Security is very important to our organization. Aren’t traditional desktop versions more secure?

All CS6 applications for both traditional licensing and Creative Cloud install and run on the desktop. So, desktop software security is not a factor in choosing between Creative Cloud and Creative Suite.

Choose the right license for your organisation with our handy guide to Adobe licensing.