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Database Backup & Recovery

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

How long can you live without e-mail?
When your Exchange Server goes down, every second counts
Nothing is faster or more secure than Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

  • It backs up Exchange servers FASTER...Cut your backup times dramatically
  • It restores FASTER...In about seconds, users can be back to work sending and receiving e-mails
  • It's easier...Our interface makes short work of setting up a professional backup plan perfectly tailored to your organizations recovery objectives
  • It's more secure...Recover all of your server data, all of your messages, every time with our always-vigilant data protection
  • It's cost effective...You'll use less network drives and cut your administrative overhead
  • It's smarter...Protect individual messages, folders during database backup and eliminate the need for time-consuming brick-level backups

Acronis Database & Backup Recovery

Key Features

  • Near Continuous Data Protection of Logs. Automatically backup the Exchange transaction logs as they become available.
  • Easy Administration. Full database backup and restore with single click using wizard-driven GUI.
  • A Full Range of Recovery Options. Enable recovery of data from the last known archive, a particular point-in-time, or from the Exchange server's point-of-failure.
  • High Speed Performance. One of the quickest backup and restore solutions for Exchange servers available. Quickly perform granular restores from a database backup.
  • Granular Restore. Recover a mail server, mailbox, or single mail message.
  • Password Protected Archives. Protects backed up database image for electronic transport.
  • Active Restore™. Access mailbox while database is being restored.
  • Dial-Tone Recovery. Restore email service quickly to basic dial tone capabilities.
  • Database and Brick Level Backup/Restore. Flexibility and speed based on need.
  • Incremental Backup. Saves disk space, backup and recovery time.
  • Resource Management. Manage system resource performance with CPU and bandwidth throttling.
  • Centralised Management. Better control of backup and restore process from a single location
  • Guided Disaster Recovery. Creates a step-by-step disaster recovery plan that will guide a user through a recovery.
  • Flexible Storage Options. Choose where your archives are automatically copied, be it on a local hard drive, network share, FTP server, or other external device.

Acronis Recovery for MS SQL

Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server offers a fast and reliable disaster recovery solution to protect your SQL database.

Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server provides proven database backup technology to significantly reduce disaster recovery time so organisations can be up and running again in minutes instead of hours. One-step recovery and automated recovery to point-of-failure reduces downtime in order to meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). The rolling snapshot feature enables near-instantaneous recovery in cases where a database is damaged due to human error or logical data corruption.

Acronis Database & Backup Recovery


Comprehensive recovery requires more than just data backup. Your MS SQL database contains tables, logs, and other components that structure the data. Using Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server, a unified and intuitive backup solution, is critical to create a secure live database backup that can be recovered successfully.

Recovery is now much easier as Acronis delivers automated system restore to the point of failure. No need to walk through menus to get your system back online. This one-step process will return your database to the last known good state just prior to the failure. Erroneous transactions will no longer cost you minutes or hours in recovery.

This powerful backup and restore solution includes an intuitive, wizard-driven GUI that guides you through the scheduling process and reduces the potential for errors. The Backup Strategy Assistant creates a Disaster Recovery Plan for your environment, delivering step-by-step instructions for recovery. Anyone, whether an experienced DBA or not, can schedule backup jobs and restore a system rapidly. Acronis even provides FTP capability for storing your backup anywhere on the network — or around the world.

The highest level of flexibility is achieved by using Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Software Development Kit, which is included at no additional charge. Your organisation can customise and use proven Acronis data management technologies with your existing software tools and frameworks.

Key Benefits

  • Smaller, more manageable archives. Award-winning Acronis technology provides superior backup optimisation. Customisable compression rates reduce the amount of data to store and transfer, leading to direct cost savings in infrastructure costs and labour.
  • Centralised Management. The Management Console auto-discovers all database servers on the network. The servers are displayed clearly with status information making it easy to manage enterprise-wide installations.
  • Resource Management. CPU and bandwidth throttling let you allocate resources during the backup process to ensure users remain productive.
  • Encryption for Security. Protect your company's most valuable data with strong, industry-standard encryption.
  • Easy Administration. An intuitive, wizard-driven GUI allows even non-database administrators to configure and implement professional backup strategies confidently and effectively. Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server even lets you import an existing SQL Server Maintenance Plan with just a few clicks.
  • Guided Disaster Recovery. Acronis database backup also provides you with a Disaster Recovery Plan, detailing step-by-step instructions to guide you or your team through a fast and complete recovery. Again, even non-technical staff can follow these simple instructions to restore even the most sophisticated SQL server.