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Secure Enterprise File Sharing and Syncing

Enterprise employees are increasingly demanding better, easier, more efficient collaborative tools in order to get their jobs done. They want two main functions:

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access - Accessing and syncing files between their devices – laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets – is a priority for enterprise employees.
  • Easy Collaboration: Externally & Internally – The ability to share and collaborate on files with both internal and external constituents.

Enterprises want to empower their employees with greater information access, increased team collaboration, improved productivity and employee engagement. Providing such features has significant business benefits that permeate through the entire enterprise operation, positively affecting sales, customer service, R&D, marketing, finance, legal, etc.

Improved access and collaboration must also be balanced with the security, manageability and flexibility required by IT and the Enterprise. Key questions the Enterprise and IT must address include:

  • Are your solutions meeting compliance and corporate governance standards in regards to the access and sharing of files by your mobile workforce?
  • Are you able to align your enterprise mobility and file sharing strategy with your corporation’s security and management policies?
  • Are you concerned about data leakage on mobile devices?
  • Are you providing the right tools to make employees more productive?

activEcho is the right answer!

activEcho is the industry’s only Enterprise File Sharing and Syncing solution that balances the end user’s need for simplicity and effectiveness with the security, manageability and flexibility required by Enterprise IT.

activEcho gives Enterprise IT control over who has access to files and lets IT determine whether file-sharing activities meet the compliance and security requirements of their organization. And, activEcho provides a level of visibility and monitoring not available from consumer-based solutions. This is critically important for regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, pharma, legal services and security sensitive organizations.

activEcho delivers:

  • Freedom of Choice - activEcho can be deployed on-premise or in a private cloud.
  • Security - Active Directory integration, encryption and other critical features maximize protection for the enterprise.
  • Management Control - activEcho functions are administrator-configurable to fit your organization's needs.
  • Auditing - Gives IT and compliance groups the visibility they need.
  • Storage Administration - Manage storage usage by users.
  • Control Internal and External User Access - Allows the enterprise to control who shares what with whom.
  • Rich and Secure Mobile Experience for the End-User - Gives users the appropriate access with the optimal security.

In short, activEcho gives employees what they want without compromising ease of use, security, or IT management.