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Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 11

Your data is more than a bunch of ones and zeros. It's the heart and soul of your business. Keeping it alive and constantly accessible isn't just a question of convenience – it's a question of survival. Over the years, as data has grown, storage needs have exploded. And with them, so has the risk of disaster.

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Closing the Virtualisation Loop: How to Improve Your Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery Now

Virtualisation has progressed from an emerging early adopter technology to a mainstream business necessity at a record pace. Nearly half of all small, medium and large enterprises worldwide are considering implementing some amount of virtualisation within their IT environment.

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Acronis® vmProtect™ 6

You've started virtualising your servers and are planning next steps.  Your critical data and applications that used to run on 5, maybe even 10 machines now run together on a single server host.  What's your tolerance for downtime?  A day?  An hour?  How about zero?  You say you don't have time right now to address backup and recovery of those VMs?  Think again.

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Virtual Backup Twice as Fast: Acronis vmProtect 6

The data centre has rapidly changed over the past few years.  Server virtualisaion has moved out of the confines of test and development and into mainstream computing.  With that shift, a monkey wrench has been thrown into the gears of backup.  The root of the problem is straightforward - backup has historically been built with a number of mechanisms that expect the server, networks and the storage medium to be physical.  The physical infrastructure meant less heavily utilised hardware that had some room to spare.

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