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Welcome to Licensing at Insight

Insight:LicenseAdvisor (I:LA)

Insight:LicenseAdvisor (I:LA) has been built by Insight to deliver best in class software management capabilities.

Insight: LicenseAdvisor is flexible, yet secure at the enterprise, group, and user levels. Insight: LicenseAdvisor is not intended to replace any tools already introduced. Instead, Insight: LicenseAdvisor is designed to integrate into existing environments and will considerably add to the value of any Software Asset Management tools already being used.

Overview, Offerings and Benefits


I:LA is a comprehensive application that helps companies purchase, deploy, and manage software quickly and cost-effectively. Through focusing on entitlement, the most important factor driving every aspect of software management, this tool helps organisations to quickly determine:

  • Who is entitled to purchase a software licence
  • The right media for a licence entitlement
  • How to entitle users, groups and departmental software
  • The best way for users to request entitlement
  • How to manage entitlements going forward


I:LA installs on a server behind the corporate firewall, security roles are created and connections are configured to work with the existing employee directory, employee portal, workflow service, and existing deployment tools. Software purchase history and current software licence allocations are loaded into the system.


Once I:LA is implemented, you can reduce manual duplication of software, maverick purchases, consolidate licences across offices and division and link entitlement.

When software is purchased and deployed, I:LA makes management of these assets a simpler process:

  • Inventory tools can be linked to purchases and installations
  • Harvesting of licences becomes much easier
  • Flexible, robust approval capabilities
  • Automatic alerts on licence compliancy issues

I:LA oversees every aspect of the software lifecycle, covering initial requests, authorisation, deployment, tracking and procurement. This results in the accurate distribution of software, and a permanent ongoing record of the licences.

Case Study

The London Oncology Clinic selects Insight to provide infrastructure solution for their new Harley Street Clinic.

The London Oncology Clinic (TLOC) is a private provider of oncology services. It was started by four founding partners, who have built the team up to over 20 oncologists with a wide range of specialist expertise.


  • TLOC undertook a major Infrastructure build as part of a £20M project to new independent offices on Harley Street, which was a green-field site.
  • Provide a modern approach to patient management through using technology as an enabler to delivering enhanced patient consultancy, care and support.


Insight provided full pre-sales technical support, consultancy and technical workshops prior to project commencement. The project encompassed hardware, configuration, server architecture, wired and wireless networking, software licensing, application integration, project management and implementation. Insight's capabilities ensured TLOC experienced single source provision for the design and implementation of their vision.

"The infrastructure has pushed the boundaries of the use of IT for us. To date the continuing management, maintenance and availability of the solution has met the high expectations we placed on the investment. Insight's market experience, expertise and resource levels were major contributing factors to the success of the project."

IT Manager