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Data Protection

Welcome to CA at Insight UK

CA ARCserve provides the foundation for building your data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.  It provides you with comprehensive protection and recovery of physical and virtual systems, applications and data that resides onsite, offsite or in the cloud.

Consolidating and simplifying the management of your systems, applications and data results in reduced business disruptions caused by system downtime and data loss. This simplification addresses not only the acceptable amount of downtime your business can handle, its recovery time objectives (RTO), as well as the acceptable amount of data that your business can afford to lose in the case of a disaster, its recovery point objectives (RPO).  Talking about specific RTO’s and RPO’s is one thing, implementing them with an integrated solution is another. There are many different individual or point applications available that focus in on one specific area.  Getting those point products to work together and provide your business the protection it needs is the last thing IT needs to worry about in the event of a disaster.

The CA ARCserve Solution gives customers control over their evolving business by delivering total protection, recovery and availability for data centers, remote office servers, applications and data.  It is the only solution that offers a full range of products from Bare Metal Restore to fully automated failover for High Availability

  • ARCserve D2D & Central Apps – the image based disk backup solution the offers bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware and infinite incremental backups.  A cost-effective solution that helps to eliminate the backup window and rapidly restore files, volumes or the entire system.  
    Use ARCserve Central Host based backup for a single-pass host based VMware virtual server backup using vSphere technology.  Or use ARCserve D2D with ARCserve Central Virtual Standby to achieve near instantaneous recovery of entire Windows-based systems and data
  • ARCserve Backup – For more complex environments, such as those with a mixture of operating systems and virtualization implementations, where direct backup to tape is required, CA ARCserve Backup provides a powerful, simple to implement file-based backup solution with comprehensive tape management and support built-in.
  • ARCserve Replication and High Availability - the continuous data protection solution providing data replication, data rewind, automated and non-disruptive recovery testing and automated failover allowing you to drastically reduce costly server downtime.

Flexible Licensing Options

CA ARcerve licensing is available on a per socket, per server or per terabyte basis