5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing Our World

    The New York Times suggested the release of Apple’s HomePod was a sign the company is ready to reinvent itself, and to start talking more openly about the technology behind its products. Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Marketing, in his WWDC keynote is said to have signalled the recognition that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved into the world of the consumer, as we begin to see more and more AI driven technologies pervade our everyday life.

    Here are 5 ways AI is transforming our lives now, and how it is set to in the future.

    1.       The way we travel

    AI is currently being used in infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems, but what’s really interesting is how we’re moving towards more complex uses. From speech or gesture recognition to driver condition evaluation; applications of AI in the automotive space are becoming more sophisticated. For more advanced applications like fully self-driving cars, there’s a huge trust factor to overcome. That said, there are regulations and guidelines being developed now to tackle just that, and we expect to see technology companies work even closer with the automotive industry to navigate a way forward.

    2.       The way we socialise

    A recent study found the average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media. It’s one of the spaces in which Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated our personal interactions. AI is used to shape an idea of the content we want to see from friends, family – and yes, advertisers – based on how we’ve interacted with the platform in the past. While there have been questions over whether this gives social media giants too much influence on our world view, it is part of the fabric of how we interact with others, and we expect to see users find intelligent ways to make it work in their favour.

    3.       The way we do politics

    Social media has become a key battleground for parties during elections. On the one hand, parties are using paid advertising to swing votes, but there are also bots – automated accounts that post at high frequency – at play. On the back of the UK’s election, Sky News and the Centre for Analysis of Social Media (CASM) teamed up to analyse the impact of automated Twitter accounts – known as bots – on the UK election. While they determined the impact of bots during the 2017 General Election was small, it did highlight how the meeting of social media and AI has impacted previous elections, such as those in US.

    4.       The way we shop

    The relationship between retailers and customers has changed irrevocably. The data ecommerce sites have access to – products viewed, time spent browsing, devices used – has opened up new understandings of shopping behaviours. This has pushed bricks and mortar stores to use technology such as AI to match the online experience with the physical one. Enabling them to deliver the convenient, interactive and personal experiences consumers have now come to expect.

    5.       The way we do business

    The role AI has in delivering the digital enterprise is something we’ve seen the likes of Google and IBM embrace. However, even for organisations that have started thinking about AI as a concept, it’s still a very futuristic idea for many small to mid-sized businesses. AI relies on data, and the more data we have and are able to manage, the more we’re able to automate – and that’s where organisations of all sizes will see the real benefits. It’ll help create new efficiencies, invigorate revenue streams and even change business models.

    AI is all around us

    Artificial Intelligence is influencing the way we interact with the world, the choices we make and the technology we use. It’s a growing area that we’ll see become more sophisticated in the coming years, and one which we’ll become better at mastering too.