Webinar: Getting Started with Symantec and Insight

    Join us for our webinar in collaboration with Symantec that offers an overview of Symantec’s CASB solution CloudSoc and its integration with other Symantec products to extend security and control.

    • CloudSoc Solution
    • Expanding Symantec DLP to Cloud
    • Information Centric Encryption
    • Integration VIP and CloudSoc


    Tom Freer

    Tom Freer joined Symantec via the Blue Coat acquisition, he spent 13 years in Blue Coat covering back line escalation. He saw the initial acquisition of Elastica when it was purchased by Blue Coat. In 2018 he moved from the support role to be a Systems Engineer his specialty covering the Blue Coat product range.

    John Smith

    Solution Sales Manager (Licensing), Insight