Webinar: Java - You thought it was free, right? Think again

    Oracle has recently announced an end to public updates and security fixes for major Java versions along with a complete remodelling of how Java is develop, distributed and licensed.

    In this webinar you will learn about the recent changes from Oracle and how they might impact you. The Insight LCS team will guide you through the complex Java ecosystem, its licensing and market share of different Java distributions and Java versions.  

    You will also learn about 3rd party support on Java and how the majority of the Java market is using Oracle’s proprietary version of Java.


    • Introduction
    • New Java development cycle
    • New Java support structure
    • Java licensing
    • Java distributions and market share
    • Commercial features in Java
    • Oracle and 3rd party support
    • Support subscription model
    • Java audits


    Morten Anderson

    Morten has a more than 10 years of experience working with some of the largest customers to Oracle as an Oracle account manager and since 2017 as an Insight Executive Consultant. His time at Oracle was spent learning how to maximise profits through negotiation tactics, audits, compliance plays and cloud transformation using all the tools and resources available. Now he is advising clients on how to optimise their Oracle spend applying the very same tools and resources.

    Razvan Tarnovschi

    Razvan is Executive Commercial Consultant for Oracle, responsible for delivering Oracle commercial support for worldwide clients. Razvan specialises in contracts, Oracle approval process, deal management and negotiations. 

    Joost Bakker

    Joost joined Insight, as a global account manager in August 2008. After 3 years he returned back to his roots in Oracle licensing as he worked for Oracle 6 years prior to Insight. Joost uses his extensive knowledge of 6 years in Oracle License Management Services (LMS) to educate, equip and enable software end-users in their challenges with regards to proper software license management. Joost is Executive Consultant for Oracle software and his speciality is Audit Defence Services.