Webinar: Prevent year end headaches – helpful hints & tricks for SAP negotiations for the Digital Age

    SAP is knocking on the door of their customers to push their new pricing model. This webinar will discuss negotiation tips to prepare for the SAP Digital Age. Find out where customers have gone wrong and considerations you may want to take into account when establishing a negotiation strategy and approach for SAP new contract negotiations.

    It will be essential that Company Executives as well as Contract and Procurement Managers begin to understand how these changes will play into future negotiation activities with SAP.

    Prepare yourself for the negotiating process:

    • What's the mood amongst SAP customers right now when it comes to SAP’s Digital Age and their new offerings?
    • What are the biggest mistakes customers can make when negotiating a new contract?
    • Why is it so important to know the entitlement estate (what you own/what you use)?
    • What is SAP offering to the customers in these days (New pricing model options)?


    Marjon Schellekens

    EMEA Senior SAP Consultant, License Consulting Services