Enhancing the Customer Experience 

Your customers aren’t the same as they were five years ago. And in the next few years, they’ll transform again. To ensure you remain head and shoulders above your competitors it’s important to understand your customers’ requirements so you can cater to their needs.

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The New Rules for a Tech-Empowered Customer Experience

What are the hopes and fears, challenges and opportunities that organisations are facing with regards to their customers?

Insight recently commissioned research into the role that technology plays in underpinning all of these. Surveying 200+ senior UK business leaders from companies with 500+ employees, the results have been eye-opening.

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"90% of business leaders expect a shift in customer behaviour in the next five years."

Good Customer Experience: It’s Make or Break

It’s believed that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020 (Walker). Yet worryingly, 1 in 5 companies in our study said they wouldn’t be increasing their investment in improving customer experience in 2018.

Customers are demanding more. Are you prepared?


  • The Customer Experience Itch

    The perceptions and challenges of bringing customer engagement up to scratch.

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  • Technology for the Age of the Customer

    The fight for the right to the customer: The power of technology & data in driving engagement.

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  • The Data Privacy Tug of War

    Why Data Privacy is set to be a key anchoring currency through the Age of the Customer.

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Customers Demand More. Are You Ready?

Organisations are struggling to address customer expectations with the top three challenges faced by senior UK business leaders being:

  • Speed of customer services (46%)
  • Personalisation (43%)
  • A lack of understanding of the necessary tech required (42%)

Digital has the power to transform organisations and having the right tools in place can greatly improve customer experience.

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To learn how you can keep up with your customers’ expectations with Intelligent Technology Solutions™ get in touch.