Agenda Topics

The 2020 conference tackled individual customer challenges with a tailored content agenda focused on business resilience. 

Theatre 1: Workforce Agility

In recent years there has been much discussion around the impact technology will have on the future of work, and yet, no one could have predicted the significant events of 2020. What began as a few weeks of working from home has quickly evolved into a catalyst for change regarding how businesses communicate, collaborate and network.

As we continue to navigate the changing business landscape, employers must adapt and pivot their stance to more flexible ways of working, ensuring at all times, their workforce remains secure, agile and productive.





Theatre 3: Bleeding Edge

We explore the technology at the forefront of changing practices and culture and look at the early adopters to see what material benefits these technologies are providing. Our speakers look at networks of new and combined IOT device networks and mixed reality platforms and solutions to see what we can learn about our businesses and workforce, and how this information can provide productivity gains. With new networks and devices come security vulnerability; we also examine how to re-establish your security perimeter and mitigate bleeding edge security concerns.

Theatre 2: Cost Optimisation

Recent events in 2020 have produced a unique set of circumstances for organisations of all sizes, across the globe. Key to this being the investments they make now, that will influence the future of their business.

Security and data compliance breaches can impact the ability for organisations to improve their cashflow and reputational position whilst also hindering their capacity to fund strategic IT projects.

As we continue to navigate this complex situation, senior leaders are exploring new and more flexible approaches to manage and optimise their costs, and ensure their business is fit to survive and thrive in the new normal.


Theatre 4: Public Sector

As a Trusted Technology Advisor, we help Central Government, Local Government, Healthcare, Education and Police organisations minimise risk and maximise quality of service, whilst delivering significant savings. If you want to improve collaboration, mobility, productivity and security, Insight’s Public Sector Team can provide a solution for you.





Time Stream 1 : Workforce Agility Stream 2 : Cost Optimisation Stream 3 : The Bleeding Edge Stream 4 : Public Sector
10:00 - 10:45
Panel discussion: Creating an agile workforce

Speakers: Rob Rance, Client Solutions Specialist at Dell,
and James Clark, UK&I Workstation Technologist at Lenovo
How to Improve Your IT Supply Chain with E-procurement

Speakers: Tom Barney and Jeremy Page, Insight
Keynote: Technology Trends for the Future and Beyond

Speaker: Andrew Vorster
Remote working in the Public Sector – the new normal is here to stay

Speaker: Simon Burton

11:00 - 11:30 Building Business Resilience: How to Secure Your Business Now and for the Future

Speaker: Phil Hawkshaw & Anna Home, Insight
Multi cloud governance

Speaker: Tim Smithson
Workflows before Workstations

Speaker: James Clark

Supporting specialist security solutions to maintain and achieve accreditation in classified environments

Speakers: Charlotte Davis, Insight and Jonathan Lee
11:45 - 12:15 Navigating collaboration tools and practices in the new working culture

Speaker: Claire Dutton

Workforce transformation

Speaker: Rob Rance
12:30 - 13:00 Planning for the Unknown

Speaker: Craig Robertson
Barracuda Data Protection: Cloud to Cloud Backup for Office 365

Speaker: Charlie Smith
Combining Azure Cognitive Services with AI and Machine learning

Speaker: Yoni Ramaswami, Insight
Mixed Reality used in the NHS - Alder Hey case study

Speaker: Phil Moore, Insight

13:15 - 13:45 Work From Anywhere, Because Anywhere Can Work

Speaker: Richard Trestain


  Accessibility tools in the workplace

Speaker: James Wilson, The Readiness Compan

14:00 Finish      
Time Stream 1 : Workforce Agility Stream 2 : Cost Optimisation Stream 3 : The Bleeding Edge Stream 4 : Public Sector
10:00 - 10:45 Sustainability

Speaker: Mark Dempsey

  Realising the New Mixed Reality with HoloLens 2

Speaker: Wes Platel, Insight
Keynote: The future of work in the Public Sector post Covid-19

Speaker: Simon Blagden, CBE
11:00 - 11:30 Create a Productive Workforce Anytime Anywhere

Speaker: Matt Elrick, Insight

Accelerating your journey to the Cloud

Speaker: Tim Hearn

Surface devices at the bleeding edge

Speaker: Mark Rowland
Hybrid Cloud for Modern Policing

Speakers: Gary Judge & Richard Hodgkins, Insight
11:45 - 12:15 Collaboration voice and telephony

Speaker: James Wilson, The Readiness Company
Anatomy of a Modernised IT Infrastructure

Speaker: Santo Orlando, Insight
Workflows before workstations

Speaker: James Clark

Lockdown Lessons: how schools should be preparing for a digital future

Speakers: Ian Stuart

12:30 - 13:00 Discover how to Overhaul IT to Future-Proof Your Business

Speaker: Matt Elrick, Insight
Top Tips for controlling costs in your AWS Cloud Environment

Speaker: John Chatterton

Follow the Data: From Edge to Core to Cloud

Speaker: Julian Keetch

Jabra in the Public Sector

Speaker: Jackie Candlish

13:15 - 13:45 Sign and Digital transformation

Speaker: Rojan Modir

Optimise Your Budget with a Simplified Procurement Process

Speakers: Howard Daws & Jeremy Page, Insight
Connected platform

Speaker: John Barrins, Insight, with Savitha Gandikota and Jeffrey Jackson

Overcoming the New Education Challenges in the New Normal

Speaker: Jonathan Clark

14:00 Finish      


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