Full event agenda for Meet the Experts - European Virtual Roadshow

09:30 GMT

Welcome to the Meet the Experts - European Virtual Roadshow


Conversation with Jacco Marks, Global Procurement Director, KPMG

Jacco Marks in conversation with Robbert-Jan Suur discussing his experience as global procurement director at KPMG and providing insight into their past and future challenges for procurement and software management.

10:30 GMT

Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

Joel Perera shares his knowledge and experience and takes you through key areas of a negotiating to win strategy and tactics to be considered for success.

11:00 12:00 GMT

Microsoft - Marc Brasser

Marc discusses the key challenges clients face within the current trends occurring in the market. With an understanding of Microsoft's performance you will gain a view on the negotiation levers you can use and insight from Marc's successful approach to negotiating with Microsoft.

14:00 - 15:00 GMT

Oracle - Fortunato Mallamace & Nele Matthys

Fortunato and Nele discuss the main challenges faced when engaged with Oracle. Based on their extensive Oracle experience and knowledge they provide the advice and guidance on areas organisations should focus on to overcome the complexities of contracts, mitigate potential risks and advice to reduce and optimise costs.

15:15 - 15:45 GMT

SAP - Désirée Weiss

Guidance on where to focus your upcoming SAP conversations and negotiations. Désirée is interviewed by Max Welti a former SAP Project manager with a focus on the current key challenges facing SAP customers. In today's environment of continuous pressure to reduce and optimise costs this session provides guidance on the routes to achieve your objectives, whilst also tackling the S4/HANA upgrade and challenges with Digital Access which can have significant future cost implications.


Event Speakers

Jacco Marks

Director Global Procurement for KPMG International Cooperative

Jacco is Director Global Procurement for KPMG International with more than 25 years of experience in procurement and procurement management across a variety of industries. He is skilled in Procurement, Business Process / Process Improvement and Stakeholder Management. He has developed strong negotiation skills delivering real business value beyond working with just suppliers. He is extremely professional with a positive attitude and a collaborative mindset, a team player who brings people together to achieve joint objectives. Unselfish and supportive, loyal with proven track record and considered a trusted mentor/leader.

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Robbert-Jan Suur

Executive Consultant Microsoft License Consulting Services

Robbert has over 25 years of experience working in IT, primarily focused on Microsoft technologies software licensing and contracts for global and enterprise clients. He previously worked for Microsoft in a number of roles including, sales, enterprise licensing sales, partner account management and as channel strategy/policy manager (Partner Business Desk) for the WW Licensing & Pricing Group at Microsoft Corp HQ gaining extensive knowledge of software technology, strategic licensing and cloud solutions.

He joined Insight in 2017 and is a subject matter expert with a deep understanding of legal processes, contracts and complex international customer and channel sales scenarios, as well as Microsoft sales tactics and strategy.

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Joel Perera

Services Director, Insight EMEA

Joel leads the License Consulting Services practice in EMEA, responsible for all licensing & cloud related service delivery on client topics such as Procurement Advisory, SAM, License Optimisation & Cloud cost control. He leads a team of over 80 highly skilled consultants who use their knowledge and expertise to help customers make effective procurement decisions, reduce costs, tackle in-efficiency and plan strategically for their use of cloud and software applications aligned to their business goals. Joel has over 20 years of experience working in the fields of software licensing, cloud and software-as-a-service.

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Marc Brasser

Practice Manager, Microsoft licensing services EMEA

Marc is responsible for the Microsoft licensing services practice in EMEA including: Knowledge center, service methodology and development, project management and task management. He owns the delivery of license & contract optimisation projects for international and global organisations.

He has over 20 years' experience in IT, software licensing and commercial contracts, primarily around Microsoft technologies for global and enterprise customers. His background includes: sales, management and specific focus on Enterprise licensing sales for Microsoft.

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Fortunato Mallamace

Practice Manager, Oracle licensing services EMEA

Fortunato is responsible for the Oracle licensing services practice in EMEA. He has 20 years of previous experience, gained working for Oracle in a number of roles including technology sales, service support sales and as an auditor.

His team have deep understanding and expertise enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their clients. Fortunato and his team have a track record of delivering multi-million dollar savings for their clients by helping them avoid risks, gain better cost-effective management of their infrastructure and derive maximum value from their Oracle investments.

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Nele Matthys

EMEA Executive Licensing Consultant Oracle, Insight

Nele is an Executive Consultant for Oracle software, supporting clients with extensive licensing expertise, providing licensing and infrastructure optimisation advice, audit support, data verification. She has been a member of the Global Team since November 2014, and is responsible for Oracle project delivery.

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Désirée Weiss

Practice Manager, SAP licensing services EMEA

Désirée is responsible for the SAP licensing services practice in EMEA. She has over 20 years experience in IT with a specific focus in software procurement and IT governance for SAP.

With in-depth knowledge and experience covering all aspects of SAP licensing including, audit process (onsite and remote), governance and compliance, contract terms & conditions, negotiation, optimisation & cost reduction. She has delivered SAP services to global clients across all industries and is an award winning consultant who is passionate about delivering value to her clients, most recently she was the ITAM review excellence award winner as the 2020 consultant/specialist of the year.

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