2-Power Main Battery Packlaptop battery - NiMH - 4000 mAh

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Device Type: Laptop battery
Weight: 0.6 kg
Battery: Nickel Metal Hydride - 4000 mAh
Batteries Qty: 1

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Product Description

Whether you require a replacement battery, or an additional pack to keep you working, PSA has a power solution to match.

This battery is designed for the following systems:

AST Ascentia A;

AST Ascentia A series;

AST Ascentia A40;

AST Ascentia A41;

AST Ascentia A43 Series (smart);

AST Ascentia A51 Series (smart);

AST Ascentia A60 A70 Plus Series (smar;

AST Ascentia A60 Plus;

AST Ascentia M Series (smart);

AST Ascentia M5130S;

AST Ascentia M5130T (smart);

AST Ascentia M5150T;

AST Ascentia M5160T;

AST Ascentia M5160X (smart);

AST Ascentia M5200T;

AST Ascentia M5200X (smart);

AST Ascentia M5230T;

AST Ascentia M5230X;

AST Ascentia M5260X (smart);

AST Ascentia M6233T;

AST Ascentia M6266T (smart);

BSI NB8600 (smart);

Canon BN 750;

Canon BN200;

Canon BN700;

Canon Note Jet III;

Canon Note Jet III CX;

Canon NoteJet III;

Canon NoteJet NoteJet IIICX P120 (smart);

Chem Usa ChemBook 5400;

Chem Usa ChemBook 5580 (smart);

Chem Usa ChemBook 6800 (smart);

Clevo 6300 series;

Clevo 6400 series;

Clevo 7600 series;

Clevo Model 862 (smart);

Commax NB8600 (smart);

Commax SmartBook V (smart);

CTX EzBook 800 Series (smart);

Daewoo 7550 (smart);

DFI NB6600;

DFI NB6620 (smart);

DTK FortisPro TOP5A (smart);

Epson 6200D;

Epson 6200T (smart);

Epson Vividy Note 510ET;

Epson Vividy Note 512ST;

Epson Vividy Note 513ST (smart);

Eslate 450K;

Everex StepNote SC Series (smart);

Everex StepNote SE Series (smart);

Everex StepNote SK Series (smart);

Greennote NoteBook (smart);

Hi-grade 6200;

Hitachi ND1;

Hitachi ND2 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook 133 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000 Series (smart;

Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4100;

Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4140;

Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4150 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4300;

Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4350;

Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4360 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6000 Series (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6390 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7000 Series (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7330;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7340;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7360;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7370 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7560;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7570;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7580;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7590 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7630;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7650;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7755;

Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7775 (smart);

Hitachi VisionBook Pro Series (smart);

Hyperdata MediaGo 950 (smart);

IDP Vaquero (Smart);

Kapok 6400;

Kapok 6400AD;

Kiwi OpenNote 820 (smart);

Magitronic 600 610 Series (smart);

Magitronic 600 Series;

Magitronic 620 Series (smart);

Megaimage Apollo Series (smart);

Megaimage MegaBook 911 Series (smart);

Megaimage MegaBook 911CD;

Megaimage MegaBook 911DMX;

Megaimage MegaBook 911TMX (smart);

Micro International Mint 6200AD;

Micro International Mint 6200AT;

Micro Intl. Mint 6200 (smart);

Multi-media TopLine 86 (smart);

Northgate NB86 (smart);

Notebook Comp. 6400AT (smart);

Notebook Computer 6200AD;

Notestar Aries Series (smart);

NTK Submarine (smart);

Olivetti Xtrema 323S;

Olivetti Xtrema 426x;

Pico 980;

Pico Consul;

Pico Consul-C;

PICO Model 98;

Pico Model 980;

Sager 6200AD;

Sager 6200AT;

Sager NB8600 (smart);

Sager NP6200;

Sager NP6200AT (smart);

Sager NP660 (smart);

Sager NP8100;

Sager NP8300;

Sager NP8320 (smart);

Sager NP8560-V;

Sager NP8600;

Sager NP862 (smart);

Sager NP8620;

Sager NP8623 (smart);

Sager PC-M200 (smart);

Samsung SENSpro 500;

Samsung SENSpro 500 Series (smart);

Samsung SENSpro 522;

Samsung SENSpro 523;

Samsung SENSpro 524;

Samsung SENSpro 525 (smart);

Simplo SMP-36S;

Smart-tec Green Note (smart);

Sunrex HB8703;

Sys-tech Ranger i-Note (smart);

Tatung TNB-5500;

Tatung TNB-5600 (smart);

Tiger Designote Series (smart);

Tiger GT Series (smart);

Tj Technologies TekBook 822 (smart);

Trigem DreamBook 110DB;

Trigem DreamBook 210DB (smart);

Trigem GemLite 1075 (smart);

Trogon E.12 Series (smart);

Wedge Tech PowerBook 5CD (smart);

Wedge Technologies 6400AD.


2-Power Main Battery Pack - laptop battery - NiMH - 4000 mAh
Device Type Laptop battery
Weight 0.6 kg
Battery Nickel Metal Hydride - 4000 mAh
Batteries Qty 1
Dimensions (WxDxH) 8.9 cm x 14.8 cm x 2 cm
Designed For IBM ThinkPad 380 2635; 380D; 380E; 380ED; 380XD 2635; 380Z 2635, 2636

Extended Specification

Device Type Laptop battery
Capacity 4000 mAh
Quantity 1
Technology Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage Provided 12 V
Compatibility Information
Designed For IBM ThinkPad 380 2635 ¦ IBM ThinkPad 380D ¦ IBM ThinkPad 380E ¦ IBM ThinkPad 380ED ¦ IBM ThinkPad 380XD 2635 ¦ IBM ThinkPad 380Z 2635, 2636
Dimensions & Weight
Depth 14.8 cm
Height 2 cm
Weight 0.6 kg
Width 8.9 cm

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Expiration Date:

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