2-Power Main Battery Packlaptop battery - Li-Ion - 52 Wh

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30 available
Device Type: Laptop battery
Battery: Lithium Ion - 52 Wh
Battery Form Factor: Internal
Batteries Qty: 1

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Product Description

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2-Power Main Battery Pack - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 52 Wh
Device Type Laptop battery
Battery Lithium Ion - 52 Wh
Battery Form Factor Internal
Batteries Qty 1
Designed For HP Pavilion dv6105, dv6109, dv6110, dv6113, dv6118, dv6120, dv6123, dv6125, dv6127, dv6129, dv6131, dv6132, dv6140, dv6150, dv6161; Pavilion Media Center dv6100, dv6106, dv6107, dv6113, dv6117, dv6120, dv6121, dv6129, dv6130, dv6131, dv6133, dv6140, dv6157, dv6165, dv6167, dv6170, dv6175, dv6179

Extended Specification

Battery Enclosure Type Internal
Colour Black
Device Type Laptop battery
Capacity 52 Wh
Quantity 1
Technology Lithium Ion
Voltage Provided 10.8 V
Compatibility Information
Designed For HP Pavilion dv2001TX, dv2002TU, dv2002TX, dv2003TU, dv2003TX, dv2004ea, dv2004TU, dv2004TX, dv2005TX, dv2007TU, dv2007TX, dv2009ea, dv2009TX, dv2010TX, dv2011ea, dv2013ea, dv2019TX, dv2020ca, dv2020ea, dv2020TX, dv2021TU, dv2024TX, dv2025LA, dv2025TU, dv2028ea, dv2029ea, dv2031TU, dv2032TU, dv2033TX, dv2034TX, dv2035TX, dv2038TU, dv2039TU, dv2040TU, dv2040us, dv2043TX, dv2044TU, dv2045ea, dv2046TX, dv2047TX, dv2048TU, dv2050TX, dv2050us, dv2053ea, dv2057ea, dv2064ea, dv2095ea, dv6010ea, dv6011ea, dv6013ea, dv6016ea, dv6021ea, dv6023ea, dv6024ea, dv6040us, dv6058ea, dv6063ea, dv6064ea, dv6086ea, dv6088ea, dv6101ea, dv6101eu, dv6104ea, dv6105ea, dv6105eu, dv6105tx, dv6108ea, dv6109ea, dv6109tx, dv6110br, dv6110ea, dv6110tx, dv6113tx, dv6117TX, dv6118tx, dv6119TX, dv6120br, dv6120ca, dv6120tx, dv6121TX, dv6122TX, dv6123tx, dv6124TX, dv6125ea, dv6125om, dv6125tx, dv6126TX, dv6127ea, dv6127eu, dv6127tx, dv6129ea, dv6129eu, dv6129tx, dv6130TX, dv6130us, dv6131tx, dv6132ea, dv6132tx, dv6133TX, dv6134TX, dv6135TX, dv6136TX, dv6140ea, dv6140tx, dv6144TX, dv6148TX, dv6149TX, dv6150br, dv6150ca, dv6150tx, dv6161ea, dv6166ea ¦ HP Pavilion Media Center dv6100ea, dv6103ea, dv6104eu, dv6106ea, dv6107eu, dv6107TX, dv6111eu, dv6113ea, dv6113eu, dv6115ea, dv6115eu, dv6116eu, dv6117eu, dv6118ea, dv6118eu, dv6119eu, dv6120ea, dv6120la, dv6121ea, dv6122ea, dv6123ea, dv6123eu, dv6124eu, dv6126eu, dv6128ea, dv6129us, dv6130ea, dv6130eu, dv6131ea, dv6132eu, dv6133ea, dv6135ea, dv6135eu, dv6136eu, dv6137ea, dv6137eu, dv6139eu, dv6140eu, dv6140us, dv6141eu, dv6142ea, dv6142eu, dv6143ea, dv6144eu, dv6146eu, dv6147ea, dv6150ea, dv6150eu, dv6152ea, dv6152eu, dv6153eu, dv6155ea, dv6155eu, dv6156ea, dv6156eu, dv6157ea, dv6157eu, dv6158eu, dv6159eu, dv6160eu, dv6161eu, dv6162ea, dv6163ea, dv6165ea, dv6165eu, dv6167ea, dv6170ea, dv6174ea, dv6175ea, dv6179ea, dv6180ea, dv6182eu, dv6184ea, dv6184eu, dv6185ea, dv6185eu, dv6188eu, dv6190eu, dv6195ea

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