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ABBY Licence Programme

The ABBYY Corporate plus Licence Programme offers an ideal solution for corporations and state institutions that are looking for easy and cost effective software installation across their organisations. The programme offers flexible licensing models, extended support and accompanying services specially designed with the interest of large organisations in mind. You benefit from volume discounts plus attractive additional services, under attractive conditions.

The Benefits for Your Company

  • Simple and flexible – the ABBYY Corporate plus Licence Programme offers a simple licensing structure and is yet flexible enough to fit the requirements of any organisation: from small businesses to large corporations as well as educational and governmental institutions. The programme offers additional discounts for existing customers and for public and educational institutions, which are not available when purchasing single licences.
  • Cost effective – the programme ensures attractive volume discounts with increasing discount levels as the number of licences purchased grows. A low-entry point makes it easy for any type of organisation to get started with ABBYY solutions for their business.
  • Easy deployment and management – ABBYY products can be quickly and easily installed throughout an organisation. Automated or roll-out installation is available for most products*. ABBYY Site Licence Edition products can be installed on multiple workstations with a single serial number – making it easier to manage and deploy across an organisation.
  • Scalable – regardless of the initial number of licences purchased, you can always satisfy the growing needs in your organisation by easily purchasing additional licences. The discount level reached at the initial bulk purchase is sustained for up to two years after the initial transaction, even for smaller number of licences.
  • Protects your investment in software – the ABBYY Corporate plus Licence Programme offers additional services to protect your software investment and help you get used to the software features in order to bring the best out of the product you have purchased.
  • Free basic technical support for registered customers – registered customers benefit from free** technical support into the ABBYY call centre via telephone or e-mail.

* ABBYY FineReader Express Edition for Mac does not support automated and roll-out installation scenarios.
** Relevant telephone toll and Internet access charges from the customer's service providers may apply.

Special Services for Volume Licence Purchasers

  • Upgrade Assurance – this service protects your software investment and gives you an additional opportunity for cost savings. At the same time, it keeps your organisation up-to-date with the latest ABBYY Technology. Purchase Upgrade Assurance and automatically receive an update to new product versions as they are released. Upgrade Assurance is available for purchase in 12 month periods. Pricing for Upgrade Assurance is based on a percentage of your total purchase.
  • Extended Corporate Support – your team receives direct access to the ABBYY Support Team and benefits from "High-Priority" status for incoming requests to support.
  • User Training – to assure that your organisation gets the best out of our products ABBYY offers practical hands-on user training for your employees. Training includes an introduction to the software interface, a demonstration of useful features and tips on how to achieve better results.

ABBYY offers volume licensing based on established discount levels depending on the number of licences purchased.  The more licences purchased, the more you save:

Benefits for Non-Profit-Organisations

The ABBYY Corporate plus Licence Programme offers Non-Profit-Organisations (NPOs) in the public and educational sectors special discounts. Organisations who qualify for non-profit discounts may include:

  • Government or public sector organisations
  • Educational institutions, public libraries, public museums
  • Charitable institutions

Please see the ABBYY Corporate plus Licence Programme Terms and Conditions document for more information.

Benefits for Upgrading Customers

Customers who are already using ABBYY products in volume licensing schemes and would like to upgrade to the latest version of the product benefit from further discounts in addition to the volume discounts. They can add further licences to the number of upgradeable licences and reach an even higher discount level by combining full licences and upgrade licences.

*** All prices are recommended retail prices (without VAT) and do not include delivery costs. All prices are subject to change at any time without prior notification. Further conditions for volume licence purchase are outlined in the ABBYY Corporate plus Licence Programme price list. Unless otherwise specified, sales are subject to ABBYY General Terms and Conditions which are valid as of July 2005 (see www.abbyyeu.com/terms).

Pricing levels are based on the number of full or upgrade licences purchased per product. Licences of different ABBYY products cannot be combined to achieve a higher level of discount. The discount level of the initial order will be maintained for two years, even if the number of licences in the following purchases are smaller. Minimum purchase level for adding licences is 3 licences.