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Ability Office for Education

Ability is committed to providing quality educational software resources at the most affordable pricing. Our software has been been rigorously tried and tested in real world educational environments by teachers, students and pupils alike.

Ability Office version 5 provides a series of fully featured Office and Graphics suites with up to seven integrated core applications. Offering file format compatibility with both Microsoft® Office and Adobe® Photoshop, Ability Ability Office products are extremely light on system resource usage, meaning they will also happily run on older PCs. The user interface is instantly familiar and easy to use, requiring no retraining whatsoever and allowing the simplest user migration to and from other Office software suites.

"Ability Office 5 is a genuine and powerful alternative to the market leaders for office software. The products contained within Ability Office 5 are not only as good as their more expensive rivals but in a great many cases they are superior. It seems madness to spend more than necessary and as such you cannot do much better than invest in one of the best suites of software you will encounter."

So concluded TEEM, the UK's leading independent organisation for the review of software and its suitability within education. During its review process, TEEM established that Ability Office 5 was highly praised both by educational professionals and by students.

So, not only is Ability Office ideal for schools, it is outstandingly affordable - quite literally a fraction of the price of other solutions. As such, it offers very substantial cost savings with no reduction in performance or features to any educational establishment and will help make the most of any IT budget. Ability Office is available as "per copy" boxed product or even more cost-effectively under multi-user licence, giving access to special educational discounts.