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Achieve Enterprise Harmony: One Secure Network Serving Mac and PC Computers

Apple's traction in the enterprise is accelerating rapidly - the growth of Macs is far outpacing that of Windows PCs. Not only in its traditional markets, such as advertising, publishing, media & entertainment, and education, but also across other industries as well, like financial services, manufacturing, and pharma, for example. In a large number of enterprises the Macintosh is being deployed to employees, driven by the consumerization of IT and bring your own device (BYOD) trends. The Mac is becoming a staple of the enterprise IT ecosystem and, as a result, access to enterprise file and print resources is now essential.

Mac computers offer a rich user experience that helps improves employee productivity and efficiency. And with Acronis ExtremeZ-IP, IT administrators can easily manage Mac users within their Enterprise server and storage environments. This drives higher productivity and efficiency for Mac users by opening up the enterprise to these users in a seamless and transparent way, while making life easier for IT administrators.

It’s easy with ExtremeZ-IP from Acronis.

With a simple server install and configuration process, ExtremeZ-IP empowers enterprise IT to seamlessly integrate Macintosh computers into existing Windows infrastructure, allowing Mac users to have the same access to Windows file and print servers as PC users and without the IT headache of overwhelming help desk calls and inaccessible and corrupted files. In addition, with the new ExtremeZ-IP 8.0, IT can now make files available that reside on NAS devices. This greatly extends the productivity of the Mac user and the IT organization by increasing access to greater numbers of storage devices within the enterprise. And all still controlled by Active Directory.

With over a decade of experience and more than 7,000 organizations worldwide, ExtremeZ-IP has become the industry standard for seamlessly integrating Macs into enterprise environments. ExtremeZ-IP is the solution of choice for thousands of production workflows and is the only Windows AFP server product being actively maintained and supported since 1999.


  • ExtremeZ-IP eliminates problems with file corruption, file permissions, application incompatibilities and files disappearing.
  • ExtremeZ-IP provides Mac users with the same access to file and print resources as PC users.
  • ExtremeZ-IP includes support for Mac features, such as Time Machine backup and Network Spotlight full content search.
  • ExtremeZ-IP remains the only Windows server to be fully compatible with the Mac OS X AFP protocol.

Speed and Performance

  • ExtremeZ-IP consistently provides a higher performing experience than built-in solutions, such as the SMB client.
  • ExtremeZ-IP provides the best performance and reliability for Mac clients on the market.

Management and Security

  • For the IT organization, management is made easy and security is maintained with integration with Active Directory.
  • ExtremeZ-IP provides DFS file share access to Macs running OS X 10.5 or later.

Reduce Help Desk Calls

  • Mac users retain the full range of the Mac experience, resulting in a reduction of help desk calls, giving you more time to focus on other projects.