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Secure Mobile Working

Mobile devices have had a profound impact on the corporate world, having become virtually ubiquitous across all industries and roles – sales, marketing, finance, legal, customer support, R&D, etc. In a very short time, mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and Android devices, have become as engrained in the culture of corporations as the laptop.

Corporations want to make mobile devices productive tools for their business and employees. And the ability to securely access, create and edit corporate content and files is key to any business in any industry. Employees’ daily lives revolve around content – Word docs, spreadsheets, PowerPoints and other content. It’s part of everyday business activities, communications and interactions. It is integral to today’s business world.

Acronis mobilEcho enables enterprise IT to provide simple, secure and managed access to enterprise file servers, SharePoint and NAS devices for mobile device users, eliminating any IT headaches caused by employee use of risky, consumer-based services and other non-compliant alternatives. mobilEcho allows IT to secure and control access to the content while ensuring that its mobile users have access to content, files and materials necessary to perform their jobs.

mobilEcho is the industry’s first secure Mobile File Management (MFM) solution that turns the mobile device into a true business platform and meets the stringent security and management policies required by today’s enterprise, including:

  • Simple, easy to use interface and navigation.
  • Secure access to content on file servers, NAS devices and SharePoint.
  • Secure, embedded editing of Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Active Directory integration.
  • Encryption (FIPS 140-2 certified for iOS).
  • Full management capabilities.

mobilEcho also provides innovative and integrated solutions for customers with other leading vendors such as MobileIron, Good Technology, Citrix and Salesforce.com. mobilEcho is the foundation of any enterprise mobility strategy to enable secure content and file access for mobility users.

Whether an organization has a BYOD (bring your own device) strategy, provides employees with mobile devices, or a mix of both, mobilEcho can turn mobility into a true business platform and a competitive advantage.