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Acronis Snap Deploy 4

For PCs and Servers

Snap Deploy 4 Image 1All businesses and public sector organisations (schools, federal, state, and local governments, etc.) face increasing challenges when configuring and deploying new servers and PCs in a distributed environment. New employees joining the organisation, hardware upgrades, and the need to return a machine back to its original image after a training course finishes are typical scenarios where this needs to be done regularly. Having a deployment solution that enables using a standard configuration on those machines can significantly decrease support expenses.

Acronis® has a solution that addresses this need. Acronis Snap Deploy® 4 is a comprehensive deployment solution that enables organisations to deploy new PCs and servers quickly and easily and reimage them when necessary. Using disk imaging technology that creates a copy of an entire hard disk drive, including the operating system and all applications, Acronis Snap Deploy 4 is ideal for rapid image deployment onto bare-metal machines.

Top Features

  • NEW! Per-machine configuration via machines list
  • NEW! Support for Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) as master image
  • NEW! Boot machines to Linux or WinPE for deployment
  • Acronis PXE Server included
  • Support for deployment of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, and Linux
  • Deploy to different hardware with Acronis Universal Deploy®
  • Manual, automatic, user-initiated, or scheduled deployments
  • Manage all deployments using Centralised Management Console
  • Multicasting sends image simultaneously to multiple machines
  • Wake-On-LAN

Deploy a PC or Server with Acronis Snap Deploy in 5 easy steps:

1. Create an image of the master machine, including the operating system, applications, and other settings.

2. Create a bootable media (CD/DVD/Flash Drive) or configure Acronis PXE Server with the Acronis Snap Deploy Agent.

3. Boot the bare system from the bootable media, or PXE Server.

4. Acronis Snap Deploy Server begins deploying master image to the bare machine(s). Deployment is complete once the transferred image is applied to the target system and the system is booted for the first time. No installation of the operating system or applications is required - the image contains everything the system needs in order to run.

5. Optionally, Acronis Universal Deploy adapts the operating system to run on the target system hardware(ex. Hardware drivers, HAL)

Features Benefits
Disk Image Deployment Fast provisioning of new servers and PCs from a master image that includes the operating system, applications and their settings.
Acronis Universal Deploy1) Ensures that your new systems will boot by allowing you to add drivers and create templates for specific hardware.
IMPROVED! Intuitive GUI Wizard-driven graphical user interface (GUI) saves time and minimises mistakes.
NEW! Per-machine configuration Configure per machine settings (such as name and IP address) for each individual machine (existing or new) before deployment. Create disk partitions on target machine to utilise all available disk capacity.
NEW! Machines list Manage individual configurations and monitor progress on all machines from a single view. Machines can be added to the list manually and pre-configured for deployment.
IMPROVED! Post-deployment customisation Customise Windows machines after deployment by changing computer name, network settings, domain/workgroup, Security Identifier (SID), add user accounts or run any custom script. Options to reboot or shut down after the master image is applied.
NEW! Linux and WinPE Media Wizard-driven media builders facilitate deployment by providing more options for creating bootable media. You can create Linux or WinPE media, and add necessary drivers to WinPE media to ensure it works on your new hardware.
NEW! Use VHD as master image Use VHD virtual disk files as a master image for deployment.
NEW! Flexible License Options New Deployment License saves money by enabling you to purchase a license based on your expected number of deployments, while Machine License allows unlimited deployments to the same machine.
Multicasting Minimise deployment time by sending master image simultaneously to multiple machines. Automatic failover to unicast if multicast doesn’t work on your network.
Acronis PXE Server Boot target machines through network from an integrated Acronis PXE Server.
Wake-on-LAN Power on machines remotely for scheduled deployment.

Encrypted communication using SSL ensures that data is kept confidential.

Automatic Deployment Deployment can be started manually or performed automatically when a specified number of machines connects to Acronis Snap Deploy Server.
User Initiated Deployment Allows users to select what image to deploy on their machine with one click on boot menu.
Standalone Image Deployment Deployment of the local system without network connection by selection of a preconfigured deployment task.
Scheduled Deployment Perform deployment later or repeat regularly to return configuration back to master image.