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Adobe Creative Suite 6: Prelude CS6Adobe® Prelude® CS6

Jump-start your production

Adobe® Prelude™ CS6 software provides a unified interface for ingest and logging workflows, allowing you to work faster, stay organized, and streamline your production process. Copy and transcode to your storage infrastructure and begin logging immediately, intuitively adding searchable temporal markers that flow through post-production. Create rough cuts with production notes that flow into Adobe Premiere® Pro software, communicating the vision for the project through final editing.

Full or partial ingest—Get to work faster with easy ingest and tagging of file-based footage. Import entire clips or only portions to save time and reduce storage needs.

Heads Up logging—Benefit from intuitive, keyboard-driven logging. Create metadata and subclips without taking your eyes off your footage; all controls are accessible from the keyboard.

Transcode to many formats upon ingest—Transcode to your preferred editing format as you ingest, allowing better storage optimization and a consistent workflow.

Searchable temporal markers—Add searchable markers and other temporal metadata to clips to stay organized and find footage faster. Metadata flows into Adobe Premiere® Pro software, keeping project vision intact throughout production.

Rough cut creation—Jump-start your editing by adding clips and subclips to rough cuts. A simple one-click Send option sends a rough cut to Adobe Premiere Pro software for final editing.

Thumbnail scrubbing—View clips as thumbnails in addition to hierarchies within folders. Find the shot you want to ingest quickly, or set subclip in and out points for partial ingest.

Success write confirmation—Get immediate confirmation that your footage has been ingested successfully. Select from two options to verify: file size and byte-level check.

Speech transcription notes—View transcription notes from Speech Analysis in Adobe Premiere Pro when the corresponding footage is ingested to Adobe Prelude.

Customizable extensibility—Leverage the XMP-based open platform capabilities of Adobe Prelude to integrate with third-party technologies and asset management systems.*

Customizable markers—Create searchable, custom, temporal-based markers through ActionScript® panels that allow you to capture the necessary information for your project or organization.*

Customizable metadata import—Import event metadata from other workflow-specific sources and add it to your footage later in Prelude by importing it as an XMP stream or file.*

* Customization of Prelude is available to Adobe technical partners through the use of the Prelude SDK.