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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection combines the latest versions of:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adobe Illustrator® CS5
Adobe InDesign CS5 Adobe InDesign® CS5
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Adobe Flash® Catalyst™ CS5
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Adobe Flash Professional CS5
Adobe Flash Builder 4 Adobe Flash Builder™ 4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5
Adobe Fireworks CS5 Adobe Fireworks® CS5
Adobe Contribute CS5 Adobe Contribute® CS5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5 Adobe After Effects® CS5
Adobe Soundbooth CS5 Adobe Soundbooth® CS5
Adobe OnLocation CS5 Adobe OnLocation™ CS5
Adobe Encore CS5 Adobe Encore® CS5

Additional components:

Adobe Bridge CS5 Adobe Bridge CS5
Adobe Device Central CS5 Adobe Device Central CS5
Adobe Dynamic Link

Integration with new Adobe CS Live online services*

Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Master Collection

Design and deliver across media

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software delivers a comprehensive toolset for designing across media. Explore exciting enhancements that include new ways to create interactive content, breakthrough performance, and integration with new Adobe CS Live online services* to enhance your productivity.

Top reasons to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection

NEW Interactive design without writing code—Design sophisticated interactive content and create functional interfaces in new Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 without writing code. Transform your unique vision into compelling online experiences using Flash Catalyst, and deliver virtually perfect project files to developers who use Adobe Flash Builder to add functionality and integration with servers and services.

NEW Extraordinary image creation and editing—Use the Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended to explore lifelike, naturally textured painting. Add dimension to your imagery with 3D extrusions using Adobe Repoussé technology, and make precise image selections more quickly and easily with new Truer Edge selection technology.

NEW Innovative vector drawing and painting—Quickly and accurately represent depth and distance using new perspective tools in Adobe Illustrator CS5. You can now precisely control stroke width, arrowheads, and dashes. And use the new Bristle Brush to draw with the expressive quality of watercolours, oils, and pastels, but with the scalability and editability of vectors.

NEW Interactive documents and presentations—Create memorable documents and presentations complete with interactivity, motion, sound, and video in Adobe InDesign CS5. Enhance page layouts with rich media using new motion presets for easy animation creation. Take advantage of support for FLV and MP3 audio file import to engage and excite your audiences.

NEW Breakthrough native 64-bit performance—Work fluidly at HD and higher resolutions using all the available RAM in your system with native 64-bit support in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5, and Photoshop CS5 Extended.

NEW Immersive interactive design and delivery—Fluidly animate complex jointed objects and create print-quality interactive typography in Adobe Flash Professional CS5. New text capabilities include advanced styling controls. Add personality to your inverse kinematic motion with Spring, a new Bones tool attribute. And new XML support provides tighter integration with other Master Collection components.

NEW Integration with Adobe CS Live online services*—Accelerate time-consuming activities and collaborate widely thanks to integration with new CS Live online services that include Adobe CS Review for design feedback, Adobe BrowserLab to accurately test websites, Adobe Story for script development, and to enhance communication around the globe.

* CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time.