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VISION Pro Technology from AMD

AMD is the only company which designs processors, discrete graphics and chipsets and combines these cutting edge technologies to propel your business to the next level with superior video processing power, long battery life, virtualization support, manageability and security capabilities.

VISION Pro Technology offers

  • A powerful computing experience that is tailored to the visual communication needs of today's businesses
  • Superior performance on the visually intensive applications such as video conferencing and collaboration, photo and video editing and CAD
  • Support for advanced business features that can help reduce maintenance costs
  • Energy-efficient processors that automatically adjust CPU power states to help control energy use

Notebooks with the perfect balance of mobility, productivity and value

AMD processor-based notebooks challenge the status quo with unique strengths such as:

  • Long battery life.
  • Support for conferencing and  collaboration
  • The latest ultra-thin notebook designs with up to 17 percent greater performance versus competitive solutions.

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Superior visual performance in Desktop PCs

AMD processor-powered commercial desktop solutions enable the visual performance necessary for today's Internet-focused and graphics intensive business applications, enabling users to:

  • Translate high-quality video to portable formats up to 30% faster
  • Boost employee productivity by up to 40% by expanding visible workspace with a second monitor
  • Get the most out of Windows® 7 Professional with increased processing power and visuals

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