EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

Helping hospitals thrive at every level – from the emergency room to the executive suite – with IoT-enabled EcoStruxure for Healthcare architecture.

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Patient Safety

The safety of your patients is priority #1. You need to protect them with reliable, always-on power.

> Healthcare Power Management
> Patient & Asset Location Management
> Security Management

Operational Efficiency

Inefficiencies are causing budgetary burdens. You are looking to improve energy efficiency and staff productivity to reduce costs.

> Healthcare Energy Management
> Clinical Environment Optimisation
> Patient & Asset Location Management

Patient Satisfaction

Happy patients equal healthy hospital budgets. You’d like to create an at-home experience for bigger patient smiles.

> Clinical Environment Optimisation

Total Security

Violence and theft are a constant concern. You need to safeguard everyone and everything for total hospital security.

> Hospital Security Management
> Patient & Asset Location Management

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

Designed to deliver improved safety, patients’ satisfaction, and operational efficiency, EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare is the IoT solution architecture for digital hospitals.

APC Healthcare Solutions

Energy Management

Healthcare facilities are highly energy intensive. They are open 24/7/365, and can have numerous offsite facilities, making energy management a daunting task.

Solutions and Benefits

With EcoStruxure for Healthcare energy management solutions, you can uncover opportunities to improve financial health and operational efficiency.

Whether you are part of an extensive healthcare system or a small, self-operating clinic, reducing energy consumption can bring balance back to your budget without compromising patient care.

  • See, measure, and manage energy across your healthcare facilities
  • Make informed decisions to reduce energy's impact on your operating expenses
  • Use energy savings to address maintenance backlogs and patient care
Energy Management

Power Management

Power is crucial for ensuring a safe, healthy hospital environment. Unplanned outages threaten patient safety, damage your reputation, and create financial strain.

Solutions and Benefits

An EcoStruxure Power Management system can help reduce the number and duration of unplanned outages, reduce energy consumption, improve maintenance, optimize loading of key equipment and reduce liability with reporting and tracking.

  • Improves patient safety and financial performance
  • Ensures optimum operation of power distribution network
  • Minimizes power disruptions, boosts efficiency
  • Up to 99.999% reliability
  • Improves regulatory compliance and reduces liability

Ensure your backup power is there when you need it.

The Emergency Power Supply System Test Module provides peace of mind with accurate, automated testing and reporting on backup power systems.

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Power Management

Clinical Environment Optimization

High energy bills, budget constraints and increasing patient loads are driving healthcare stakeholders to seek new ways to improve efficiency and productivity across their organizations.

Solutions and Benefits

Utlilizing HL7 protocol, Clinical Environment Optimization integrates the clinical and facility infrastructures to deliver new opportunities for energy savings as well as improving hospital productivity and patient satisfaction.

Streamlines admission, discharge, and transfer systems and offers new insight into room availability and comfort management.

  • Saves energy by automatically adjusting room conditions
  • Reduces energy spend based on occupancy information
  • Tracks energy use with comprehensive audit logs, set-back reports
  • Lets patients set preferences at check-in or through the patient room control mobile app
Clinical Environment Optimization

Patient and Asset Location Management

Healthcare facilities need to improve financial health, reduce asset theft, protect against infant abduction and patient wandering, and help nurses spend more time with patients.

Solutions and Benefits

Integrate real-time location systems (RTLS) with the building management system to engage access control and video surveillance when infants, patients, or assets leave a designated area.

  • Reduce the risk of infant abductions or wandering patients with RTLS patient tracking 
  • Reduce risk of loss with real-time tracking and alerts 
  • Improve medical equipment use with quick tracking and location solutions 
  • Achieve higher asset utilization rates 
  • Help to right-size your inventory 

Customer Story

IoT-enabled EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare ensures reliability for Moorfields Eye Hospital.

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Power Management

Security Management

Violence and crime in hospitals is more common than we’d like to believe. Healthcare facilities need to keep vigilant watch to protect people and property.

Solutions and Benefits

EcoStruxure Security Expert is a new, integrated security offer that combines innovative software and hardware with the latest IP technology to help meet the security challenges of today's healthcare facilities.

It integrates with other building systems to deliver ultimate efficiency and keep security directors informed with monitoring and data updates.

  • Real-time actionable information prevents incidents before they happen 
  • Provides access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, video surveillance 
  • Offers control over lighting, fire/safety, power monitoring and more 
  • Ensures campus-wide security
Security Management

Explore the trends, best practices, benefits, and case studies of healthcare IoT adoption.

How IoT Delivers Better Patient Care and Optimizes Healthcare Facility Operation

As our world becomes more connected, advanced technology is extending beyond patient care and into the hospital infrastructure itself. In particular, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the standard of information delivery and decision-making with insight into facility data that can be used to improve operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and safety for all. This white paper will explore the trends affecting healthcare IoT adoption, best practices for implementation, benefits, and case studies of hospitals that are leading the charge into the future of modern healthcare.


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