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AVG Case Studies

Force India - Sector: Motorsport

The Situation:

Formula 1 is an unforgiving business – there's simply no room for error, waste or inefficiency.

Force India had found that their existing protection software was too heavy on resources, too management-intensive and too expensive.  To add insult to injury viruses were still getting through.

The small IT team, whose time, talent and budget was needed for more 'mission-critical' tasks, simply had to find a solution that would deliver all the protection they needed, but without delays, distractions or interruptions.

PRR Plus Ltd - Sector: Dental Industry

The Challenge:

Most modern dental practices simply cannot operate without efficient IT. From accessing dental records to communicating with patients and buying medical and administrative stock, the Internet is central to their operations.  But when a lack of end-user in-house technical expertise meets complications or delays, users often switch off protection or ignore threat alerts they don't understand.

Waingels College - Sector: Education

The Situation:

Waingels College is a popular secondary school specialising in IT and maths. Delivering a curriculum so heavily weighted towards technology and internetenabled computers places a high priority on system security and robustness.

With almost 500 workstations and servers across the campus, users include the college leadership team, the school back office through to teaching staff and students.

With access to schools servers from home, the issue of secure working using foreign networks/internet access is also a consideration.