Explore Digital Network Architecture

  • Transform your network with our on-premises and cloud-managed technology and solutions.

  • Gain real-time analytics and deliver personalised experiences.

  • Save time and reduce complexity through automation and virtualisation.

  • Use the network to rapidly detect and contain threats.

  • Provide faster service delivery at lower costs on physical and virtual platforms.

  • Choose routing, switching, and wireless products designed for DNA.

Our Digital Network Architecture enables you to...


Innovate Faster

Drive better experiences. Gain granular insights across users, devices, apps, and threats.


Reduce Cost & Complexity

Set policy, manage change, and reduce hardware & software churn across wired, wireless and WAN.


Lower Risk

Deter 99.2% of network breaches by leveraging the network as both a sensor and enforcer.


Optimise Your Business

Enable app and device awareness with 8x faster roaming and views of more than 1200 applications.

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