Cloud Managed

A New Voice in Communication

The MC74 is a breeze to deploy, configure, and manage, and it’s completely integrated
with the rest of the network. It’s also refreshingly easy to use.


High-definition, color, 7” IPS-backlit touchscreen display for easy navigation

Integrated desktop mount and adjustable hinge for finding the perfect screen angle

Optional wall mount adapter with bubble leveler included

Handset with on-hook proximity sensor

Front and side USB headset ports and 3.5mm audio headset socket

Volume and mute buttons with mute status LED

Learning Curve: None

An expansive, high-resolution color display. Thoughtful, intuitive interface design. Effortless interaction and navigation. A work phone like no other.

  • Contact directory integration
  • Call history and visual voicemail
  • Hold, transfer, mute, and speakerphone capabilities
  • Interactive Voice Response and extension calling
  • Ad-hoc conferencing
  • Lock screen protection

100% Cloud Managed

Using the cloud-hosted Meraki dashboard, administrators can easily configure and manage phones, even remotely.

Easy Provisioning

Using zero-touch deployment, an administrator can remotely configure the device for a user or meeting room with only a serial number. The phone can be unboxed at its destination and plugged into the network. It'll then connect to the cloud, pull down its configuration, and within seconds be ready to make calls.

Manage All the Essentials

Using the Meraki dashboard, an administrator can manage all the essentials: review call stats, configure alerts, set up conference rooms, manage a contacts directory, and set up Interactive Voice Response menus.

Zero On-Site Infrastructure

The Meraki cloud architecture eliminates the traditional PBX and provides simple, intuitive management, and integration with business applications.

Cloud Architecture

The Meraki cloud architecture is built for reliability, security, and scalability. Already supporting over 500,000 customer networks, it features built-in redundancy, advanced security features, and a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Call Service

Meraki MC is built on a SIP-based architecture, and the solution consists of the phone, cloud license, and SIP service from pre-approved providers. Direct integration from providers in the Meraki dashboard makes traditional tasks, such as provisioning new numbers, take minutes, not days.

Simplicity, Extended

Easy-to-use tools reduce administrative workload by making information more accessible
and actions much faster for the user.


Phone Portal

The Meraki phone portal is a web-based platform that users can access from anywhere, allowing them to manage their contacts, view call history, access their voicemails, and dial directly from the browser.


Dial from a Browser

The Meraki phone browser extension gives users the ability to dial directly from their web browser with a single click. The extension can be installed directly from the phone portal and will immediately be integrated with the phone.

Meraki MC offers all the essentials for your voice communication needs.

Centralized Cloud Management

Centralized Cloud Management

The Meraki dashboard enables secure monitoring and management of all of your phones from anywhere in the world.

Transfer Options


Transfer calls, transfer to voicemail, or warm transfer, all in just a tap. No more complex commands for simple actions.

Directory Integration


Use Active Directory or Google Directory to manage corporate users, for a simple deployment and management process.

Visual Voicemail


Listen to your voicemail anytime, from anywhere. Easily choose what you need to hear and what can wait. It’s voicemail made for the 21st century.

Call Loss Statistics

Call Loss

Intelligent insight into audio quality, so you can proactively optimize for great sounding calls.

Phone Portal


Access voicemails, directory, call forwarding and more, from any smartphone or computer. Included automatically with every MC74.

Wideband Audio


Go easy on your ears with wideband audio. It’s like Hi-Fi for your phone calls, making for clearer conversation.

Easy Onboarding


If you need more numbers, it doesn’t have to take weeks to get them. With easy onboarding, you’re up and running in minutes.

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