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Infographic: Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with Cisco Meraki

Total cost of ownership (TCO) isn’t a complicated concept. Simply put, it’s the sum of the upfront cost of a product or service and the direct and indirect costs incurred during its lifetime.

Highlights from the infographic:

  • Gartner estimates that 80% of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase (OpEx)
  • Meraki customers stand to save in the region of 90% on OpEx
  • Savings in shopping around for the cheapest hardware are likely to pale in comparison to the potential savings in OpEx with Meraki
  • A Wireless (Verizon authorized reseller) can bring 6 stores live with Meraki technology for the cost of bringing one store live with traditional technology
  • Bar S Foods saved over $5M in production revenue with Meraki over 5 years
  • CNOS chose to deploy Meraki even though hardware costs were 15% more than traditional technology. CNOS was able to recover the difference in CapEx within 16 months over a 5-year comparison.
Read the Meraki TCO Solution Infographic
Meraki TCO Solution Infographic
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