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The world’s most intelligent business PCs with built-in AI

The Dell Latitude Family

Work wherever and however you need with small, light and stylish laptops and 2-in-1s designed for mobility and productivity. Stay connected with leading wireless and LTE options, next-level collaboration tools, and a broad array of ports and accessories. Ensure IT has proactive, predictive and automated solutions to deliver on the promise of a modern workday with Dell Technologies Unifi ed Workspace. Featuring Dell Optimizer with Express features and Safe security solutions, Latitude continues to innovate as the world's most intelligent and secure commercial PCs.

Why choose Dell Latitude

Innovative Design

A new ultra-premium 9000 series redefines innovation for ultimate productivity. A redesigned 7000 Series and up-leveled 5000 and 3000 Series ensure Latitude products are smaller and lighter than ever with narrow border screens and advanced cooling solutions, so users can work comfortably anywhere. A wide array of ports allows for remote office or conference room setup. SafeScreen and camera shutter options keep your work private. A modern keyboard and touchpad increase comfort and productivity. Flexible choices of laptops or 2-in-1s are now offered with the same image and BIOS** to lessen IT complexity. Aluminum, carbon fiber and postconsumer recycled materials are built to last, having passed rigorous MIL-STD 810G tests. Sustainable choices including waterborne paint and ocean bound plastics are in more Latitude products as we reach EPEAT Gold rating and continue our commitment to end-to-end sustainability.

Always Ready

Easy connections, untethered power, and smarter systems seamlessly increase the speed of productivity. Dell Optimizer uses AI and machine learning to automatically improve application performance, battery life and audio settings in the background. Latest 10th Gen Intel® vPro® processors offer businesses the performance, manageability and built-in security features while providing the foundation for future technology advancements. Choose Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) for nearly 3x faster speeds and next-gen security to PCs and wireless networks.3 Or stay connected with choices of 4G LTE, 5G and eSIM capability. Plug in less with Dell’s innovative Super Low Power panel and long-running batteries..

Empowered Experience

Workforce Transformation is about empowering both IT and end users with technology experiences that keep them productive and inspired at work. These types of experiences start with personalized hardware for each unique user, but continue through the life of the device ensuring optimized performance and uninterrupted workflow. With Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, IT can simplify the environment with automation and intelligence, while ensuring end users have what they need to stay productive, connected and collaborative. Additionally, IT can now manage thermals within the BIOS. It’s not tied to software which saves on hard drive size and allows IT to focus on other critical software.

The world’s most intelligent PCs featuring Dell Optimizer

New Latitude devices feature Dell Optimizer a built-in artificial intelligence software that learns and adapts to your behavior to create a smarter, more personalized user experience. It automatically improves application performance, battery run time and more in the background, so you have fewer disruptions no matter where you’re working.


Dell Optimizer uses built-in AI and Intel® Adaptix™ Technology to learn how you typically use your favorite applications, continuously improving and applying settings – quietly, in the background - so you get the most nimble ExpressResponse performance possible.



Eliminate the stress of low battery. This technology learns your day-to-day charging habits and ensures your battery operates at its full potential. If you can’t charge your system right away, it will subtly adjust settings to preserve resources, such as dimming your screen or turning-off Bluetooth when not in use. When you connect to power ExpressCharge Boost will gain a 35% charge in about 20 minutes21 or up to 80% in an hour with ExpressCharge.



Dell Optimizer controls ExpressSign-in, a PC proximity sensor enabled by Intel® Context Sensing Technology to automatically wake your system and log you in via the IR camera and Windows Hello. It also automatically locks when you walk away, enhancing security and preserving battery life..


Intelligent Audio

Dell Optimizer’s Intelligent Audio will automatically tune your system by adjusting background noise, managing speech volume, and refi ning overall sound experience. Every conference call will feel like you’re in the room no matter where you are.


Experience a new way to work with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace. Intelligence built in. Modernization built on.

We know that having the right device is just the start to a great workday. Employees need intelligent, intuitive and responsive experiences that allow them to work productively and without interruption. According to research, 1 out of every 4 users would question their job and the company they work for if they had a negative experience with their technology.1 Dell Technologies Unifi ed Workspace is transforming the employee experience and ensuring IT has proactive, predictive and automated solutions to deliver on the promise of a modern workday, while simplifying their ability to deploy, secure, manage and support their environment.


ProDeploy in the Unifi ed Workspace allows IT to move away from traditional, high-touch, manual deployment, and instead, ship devices preconfi gured with company apps and settings from the Dell factory directly to their end users— having end users up and working on day one.



Dell Trusted Devices provide a foundation to a modern workforce environment with invisible and seamless protection to ensure smarter, faster experiences. End users stay productive and IT stays confi dent with modern security solutions for the Dell Trusted Device.



Dell Client Command Suite + VMware Workspace ONE off ers integrated capabilities that deliver a unifi ed endpoint management experience for IT, enabling them to manage fi rmware, OS, and apps from one console, while also creating seamless experiences for end users.



ProSupport resolves hardware issues up to 11x faster than the competition. ProSupport for PCs off ers 24x7 access to in-region ProSupport engineers who contact IT when critical issues arise, so you can focus on what’s next, not what just happened. 

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