Eaton offers power management infrastructure solutions for software-defined data centre architectures including virtualised, cloud and converged/hyperconverged infrastructure environments. We provide organisations with intelligent data centre monitoring and power management solutions, which integrate into VMware, Cisco, NetApp, DELL EMC, HPE and Nutanix architectures and help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.



We make what matters work

Energise your IT room or Data centre,
maximise the value of your investment

From a single network closet to a data centre, Eaton can power your network with efficiency and reliability.

From the amount of data managed, to the physical space available, to the level of expertise on site, it's imperative to get the most functionality out of your space. Whether it's a single network closet or a data centre, your operation is mission critical. It must be efficient, reliable, safe and scalable.

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At Eaton, we're experts at optimising the data centre. Our solutions aren't limited or defined by the size of an operation. We apply our breadth of experience across systems of all scales into products and services that address your unique data management needs. We work with you to achieve an agile, scalable infrastructure to deliver your application requirements at optimum efficiency and the lowest cost.

Manage power your way

Ensure business continuity, improve IT efficiency, power costs

  • House and power IT infrastructure reliably
  • Distribute and measure IT power in an intelligent way
  • Manage power from your virtualisation dashboard
  • Automate disaster recovery policies on power events

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