“Customer contact has definitely improved. Previously, you were more concerned with trying to understand what the customer was saying but this is no longer necessary. You can be engaged in the conversation and busy with the system at the same time, enabling you to help the customer all in one go."

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“What's nice about these headsets is they're very light and portable, you can easily bring them with you on a business trip. With a headset I can multitask, your hands are free to take notes."

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"Our headset specialist made the selection. With the first few tests, we couldn’t really tell the difference between the brands. Then they brought up the Sennheiser headsets. The difference was enormous. It was clear that these were the best.”

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"The headset is the key working tool for our employees. For the selection of models: safety, voice clarity and wearing comfort were the most important criteria. Sennheiser's solution has really convinced us on all parameters."

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Compatibility Guide

Looking for a business headset for a particular phone or device?

Use Sennheiser's Compatibility Guide to find the choices available to you and to learn about different headset features.

Headset Compatibility

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