A New Approach to IT Security

Rapid growth of complex, coordinated threats is outpacing the ability of many organisations to protect themselves. Point products can stop individual elements of an attack, but they don’t work together to protect your data, devices, and network from sophisticated, coordinated cyber attacks. At the same time, overstretched IT departments struggle to respond fast enough to these threats.

Synchronised Security is a best of breed security system that enables your defences to be as coordinated as the attacks they protect against. It combines an intuitive security platform with award-winning products that actively work together to block advanced threats to give you unparalleled protection.

Sophos & Insight unparalleled Protection

Unparalleled Protection

Best-of-breed products packed with next-gen technology actively work together to detect and prevent advanced attacks like ransomware and botnets.

Sophos & Insight Automated Incident Response

Automated Incident Response

Security information is shared and acted on automatically across the system. It isolates infected endpoints before the threat can spread, slashing incident response time by 99.9%.

Sophos Real-time Insight and Control

Real-time Insight and Control

See - and control - what's happening in real-time for simpler, better IT security management.

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Synchronised Security

How Synchronised Security
Stops Advanced Attacks

Sophos & Insight Synchronised Security

Getting Started With Synchronised Security

Sophos Central, our award-winning security platform, is an essential component to Synchronised Security. You need at least one Synchronised Security-enabled, Sophos Central-managed product.

You can implement multiple Sophos solutions together for immediate synchronised protection. Or you can start with one product and add more when you are ready. Of course, the more Sophos solutions you have the more you benefit from Synchronised Security.

Sophos Security for the Public Cloud

Cloud computing provides an easy way to provision and deploy IT infrastructure such as networks, compute capacity, storage, and databases. Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure have become increasingly popular and help you extend your existing infrastructure, scale as needed without guessing at capacity, and deploy applications and workloads anywhere in minutes. While AWS and Microsoft Azure manage the security of their respective clouds, you are responsible for the security of your applications and data in those clouds.

Download the Sophos Public Cloud Brochure to learn more about Sophos' capabilities across cloud models.

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Sophos Extends Protection in Azure. Find out how.

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Learn about Intercept X for Server on Microsoft Azure.

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What can Sophos XG Firewall on Microsoft Azure do for your?

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