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Plan Your Path to Hybrid Cloud

Learn more in the FAQ 10 questions, 10 answers: get to know VMware cloud on AWS – the best-in-class hybrid cloud service.

VMware Cloud™ on AWS seamlessly supports workloads on premises and in the public cloud for a best-in-class hybrid cloud service. Read our FAQ for deep insights on how this intelligent marriage of VMware and AWS can help you

  • Protect, extend, and consolidate data-center investments.
  • Scale capacity up or down for any workload—all without friction.
  • Leverage your existing teams, skills, tools, and processes.
Plan Your Path to Hybrid Cloud

Take a Smart Approach to Hybrid Cloud

Get more details in the guide Migrating Apps to the Cloud in 5 Steps.

Choosing the right hybrid cloud strategy can mean the difference between time-consuming app conversions and a seamless experience that relies on your existing tools and skill sets.

Read our guide for insight on how to streamline app migration and what to expect from your hybrid cloud.

Take a Smart Approach to Hybrid Cloud


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