The best way to predict the future is to invent it

So what does that future look like? Based on what’s happening in our labs, cultural diversity will be celebrated, and women will take STEM by storm. These new perspectives will catalyze major breakthroughs: Computers will become your partners instead of just tools that get the job done. Printed electronics will make integrated circuits cheaper and easier to produce. And immersive experiences—powered by near-field communications, virtual reality and the Internet of Things--will blend physical and digital worlds together.


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Xerox really understands the printing challenges of smaller businesses, we can help you reduce costs or improve productivity. From desktop printers to book-publishing digital presses, and all the tools to run them, Xerox is at the centre of the office.

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Office Solutions

Office Solutions

Smart ConnectKey® Technology multifunction printers for enterprises large and small businesses

Document Management

Document Management

Managed print, content, workflow automation and communications driving your digital transformation

Production Print

Production Print

Digital production printing technology and workflow software to transform your business

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ConnectKey Technology adapts to your business and works anywhere you do. Now that’s smart.

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