Amazon Web Services (AWS) significantly enhances systems agility and resilience, but migrating workloads to AWS can be time-consuming and expensive for in-house teams.

Insight’s AWS Migration service allows you to plan, prepare and execute a secure, cost-optimised and seamless migration to AWS. Our experts will help you migrate your applications and/or data to AWS faster, more securely and with minimal disruption.

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Migrating existing workloads to a public cloud is a key strategy objective for many of today’s organisations. 

But can you confidently identify which workloads to migrate? Do you really understand the interdependencies between the applications? Crucially, can you afford to tie up key personnel to plan and execute the migration?

As an AWS Advanced Consultancy Partner, Insight has the experienced specialists with the relevant skills and knowledge you need to ensure a smooth and accelerated migration. 

Part of our suite of AWS services, Insight’s AWS Migration Service has two available options:

Application Migration – focused on moving existing on-premise applications to the cloud using either the rehosting or replatforming methodologies.

Data Migration – focused on moving on-premise data to the cloud using storage based tooling.

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