Take control with an enterprise-ready, software-defined hybrid cloud solution that’s flexible, easy to deploy, and cost efficient:

  • Optimised on-premises DC infrastructure – HPE Synergy with VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Integrated and managed by a single platform  – HPE Synergy with VMware Cloud Foundation
  • The benefits of Public Cloud  – VMware Cloud on AWS (optional)
Take control with HPE Synergy

Modernise your data centre with industry-leading SDDC technology

Insight empowers you to keep up with today’s demands for rapid innovation, high security and increased business agility, and maximise your technology investment

Creating a tailored solution based on VMware Cloud Foundation running on HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure – the first composable infrastructure to deploy SDDC-based private clouds – we help you lower the TCO of your private cloud deployments by up to 30–40%, optimise your data centre, and  free you from the time-consuming management and maintenance of legacy hardware-defined data centre infrastructure.

We derisk and accelerate deployment, and whether you want a complete, secure, composable private cloud solution for your on-premises workloads or a scalable, software-defined hybrid cloud solution, our expertise and deep technical knowledge ensure you do it right.

HPE Synergy - modernise data centre

Simple integration with VMware Cloud on AWS allows a complete hybrid solution with seamless and simple migration of workloads to AWS from the on-premises HPE Synergy environment.

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Platform consolidation

Digital Transformation is driving the need for innovative products, greater efficiencies, and faster time to market. But the complexity of fragmented, inflexible, traditional architectures is a hindrance.

Insight’s solution enables you to you to deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload by consolidating traditional data centre applications and private clouds on an automated composable software-defined infrastructure.

Our solution dramatically simplifies the path to hybrid cloud by delivering a common platform and consistent operational model for private and public clouds. And our specialists help you make informed, fact-based decisions, so you get the balance right between on- and off-premises solutions, understand what to run and why, and define the best way to get there.

Driving the need for innovative products with platform consolidation

Automate across the hybrid cloud and free up IT resource 

With Insight’s HPE/VMware/AWS solution (and optionally VMware Cloud on AWS) you can increase developer productivity, accelerate  time to market 15x through increased automation by decreasing the complex processes around system design, and achieve up to 20X faster application provision to end users through self-service automation. 

Rapid deployment, automated infrastructure and application delivery with self-service capabilities and automated operational capabilities are matched by one-click patching and upgrading of core components,  including  updating virtual infrastructure elements like vSphere, vSAN, NSX, vCenter Server and SDDC Manager.

Automate across the hybrid cloud

To know more about how to achieve data centre modernisation, platform consolidation and IT automation using Insight's HPE Synergy, VMware and AWS solution, contact one of our experts.