Get a tailored service through Insight

A premium-grade, tailored service that allows you to focus on core applications and innovation.

Insight Managed Infrastructure (IMI) Service is a premium-grade, tailored service that allows you to focus on core applications and innovation. It provides management of your infrastructure, and powerful monitoring solutions and proactive managed support enable you to concentrate on supporting key business initiatives and faster revenue growth.

With extensive proven experience, Insight’s specialists work with you in full alignment with your business objectives. So whether you are moving to the cloud for the first time or extending your use, you can be confident that your infrastructure is in the safest of hands.

Our IMI service provides:

  • Full management of the infrastructure
  • A proactive tailored solution
  • Professional support from highly experienced experts

The benefits of Insight’s IMI Service

Focus on the business & Applications, not on IT support

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Increase cost efficiency and cost prediction

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Managed infrastructure for strategic projects

Free up staff for strategic projects

Tying up resource to manage the organisation’s on-premise data centre makes it impossible for IT to develop new platforms and meaningful innovation for the business.

IMI removes the headache of maintaining your own infrastructure. The service provides proactive management, monitoring, and support, and fixes any identified problem without distracting you from business-critical tasks or requiring you to become involved.

So by entrusting your infrastructure technology and its accompanying complex issues to Insight’s experts, you can concentrate your time and effort on supporting key business initiatives.

Enjoy a cost effective approach to managed infrastructure

Deliver more with lower costs

By moving your infrastructure service ownership to IMI, you can rapidly and cost-effectively achieve the resource levels you need – including accessing add-on modules – to support strategies for differentiation in the market and increased speed to market.

In addition to proactive monitoring and managed services support, IMI includes alerts, health reports cost analysis data, enabling the cost of service to be aligned with business impact and need.

Increase your business performance efficiency with Insight

Improve service levels and performance efficiency

IMI turns IT into a business enabler.

Providing built-in optimisation of your cloud and on-premise environments, IMI integrates with your operations, including change, patch and systems management. It enables improved service levels and enhanced ability to meet workload demands, and its advanced monitoring capabilities enable Insight to identify and proactively fix issues, significantly minimising costly downtime.

Discover Insight's hybrid cloud assessment service today

Prerequisite: Insight’s Hybrid Cloud Assessment Service

To ensure we provide the best tailored approach for every organisation, we require IMI customers to complete our Hybrid Cloud Assessment.

The assessment is a strategic and comprehensive service that details the challenges and opportunities for data, applications, infrastructure and licensing in a hybrid cloud environment. It provides in-depth analysis of business, technical, process and commercial aspects and delivers a detailed design, project plan and service design to help you build solid foundations and choose the right cloud approach for your business.

Your journey starts here.

Whether you're considering your first cloud investment or looking to optimise a dynamic, multi-platform environment, we’ll help you assess workloads, evaluate the technology landscape and enhance your overall effectiveness.

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