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Say goodbye to rituals, say hello
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Meetings are one of the most effective weapons in an organisation’s arsenal.
At their heart they are a key channel for communication and a chance to connect;
acting as a hub for creativity, ideas, thoughts and concerns.

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Interactive meetings

Meetings are an essential part of life for most businesses. They foster creativity, generate ideas, bring teams together, and push businesses forward. But for many attendees, the word ‘meeting’ equates to a loss of productivity. Getting everyone into a room at the same time can be a challenge, forcing team members to drop everything they are doing.

Insight can work with your business to create a meeting solution that suits you and your team. Download our Interactive meeting guide to find out more.


Voice Technologies

Technology has provided businesses with a wide variety of communication channels. Whether it’s social media, web chat, or online collaboration tools, there are dozens of ways that your employees can connect with customers, and each other.

Insight can work with your business to help you streamline communications, saving both time and money. Download our guide to find out more.


Video Conferencing

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, enterprise-grade video conferencing is now both possible and affordable for companies of any size. Almost every device we own can act as a video endpoint.

All the heavy lifting that used to be done on premise is now handled in the cloud. All you need is the right software, and your organisation can enjoy video conferencing capabilities that rival even the most high-end systems.

If you are looking for a powerful and affordable video conferencing solution, Insight can help. Download our video conferencing guide for more information.


Presence / Availability

Presence plays a vital role in unified communications. Put simply, presence gives you real-time information about a person's availability. Most of us have grown accustomed to presence through services like Skype, Facebook and even online games.

Used properly, it can become an incredibly powerful tool in business environments. Find out how Insight can deliver unparalleled expertise and deployment with unified communications solutions - download our guide.


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Insight’s cloud expertise, licensing knowledge and customer engagement remove disaster recovery and compliance headaches for leading online knowledge solutions company and enable 24-hour email access for its employees.

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