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Collaboration: The heart of every successful
modern organisation.


Technology has not just changed how we communicate; it has changed the very fabric
of how we work. Within the next ten years, the millennial generation (those born 1980-2000)
will make up nearly three quarters of the workforce. This is the most tech savvy and
educated generation in history.


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Real-time Co-authoring

Document sharing allows you to store documents in the cloud, and synchronise those files across the organisation. What’s more, all of your team can work on one central document, making versioning a thing of the past. No more sifting through inboxes, looking for the most up-to-date file. You can work collaboratively on one master document.

Insight offers a range of collaborative solutions that make this ‘document deluge’ a thing of the past. Download our guide to discover more.


Team Coordination

With remote working on the rise and teams increasingly spread out, keeping track of projects is a growing challenge.

There are plenty of project management solutions available, both cloud-based and on premise; but to make sure your organisation makes the most of them you need to ensure they are designed, deployed and managed according to your unique requirements.

Our cloud subscriptions include technical support for your IT people and optionally, for end users and devices. Download our project coordination guide to discover more.

Agile Applications

Technology has the ability to unlock the productivity of employees in many ways. It allows them to communicate, to share information, and then manage their time more effectively.

Insight can work with you to design and deploy a cloud-based productivity solution, tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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Seamless File Sharing

Employees spend between 20 – 30% of their working days searching for information to enable them to do their jobs. For a company with 200 employees, that’s up to 450 hours of time wasted every day.

Insight works with a wide range of businesses, providing the tools needed to help them overcome this data deluge and empower their employees to focus on what is important.

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Products used with Share Solutions


Insight’s cloud expertise, licensing knowledge and customer engagement remove disaster recovery and compliance headaches for leading online knowledge solutions company and enable 24-hour email access for its employees.

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