Respond Fast to Changing Customer Behaviours

With over 40%* of customers becoming repeat buyers after receiving a personalised experience, it is no surprise that retail organisations, now more than ever, need to adopt a digital approach.

Effective customer engagement, retail experience hyper- personalisation and higher client expectations are driving retailers to evolve and adapt in order to thrive in today’s competitive ecosystem.

*Source: Insight Infographic "Digital Innovation: The Competitive Edge for Retail", Jun 2018

Discover how technology is infiltrating the retail industry, enhancing business processes and customer experiences.

Benefits of Digital Innovation in Retail:

Drive competitive differentiation

Harness digital innovation to drive competitive differentiation with the latest digital technology solutions such as robot assist, digital shelves, magic mirrors, smart beacons and IoT.

Understand your customers better with advanced data-driven insights

Develop a deep understanding of your customer needs through rich data analytics and technologies, such as AI and IoT, to create personalised and superior end-user experiences.

Empower your employees and increase productivity and retention

Empower your employees, to become more collaborative and productive with advanced analytics, Machine Learning and AI enabling real-time business capabilities.

5 Considerations for Building a Successful Digital Retail Strategy

To survive and thrive in the digital world, retailers need to revolutionise the way they engage with their customers and manage their processes.

This guide looks at harnessing the power of technology and data to provide five considerations for driving operational efficiencies and delivering a personalised and superior customer experience.

5 Considerations for Building a Successful Digital Retail Strategy

The Retail Store of the Future

Mobile apps, chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT sensors, pay-in-aisle technologies, click-and-collect options – the list of smart, game-changing digital technologies is endless and growing.

Digital innovation allows you to respond to the constantly evolving challenges of the high street by reinventing the customer experience, aligning with customers’ personal requirements, supporting individual buying styles, and offering multi-channel capabilities.

Drive Digital Innovation with Insight

We offer a powerful combination of extensive industry knowledge, deep partner relationships and an user-centric approach – from concept through design and build to full solution management. Testament to our experience is securing Microsoft Global Partner of the Year award for the past three years for our world-class Digital Innovation solutions.

Talk to us now to understand how you can harness transformative technologies to create a superior and highly personalised customer experience as well as remaining ahead of your competition.

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