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The Mobile Revolution and Edge Computing

Forty-two percent of college students use two or more mobile devices during a typical school day. For those who use three or more devices — such as a smartphone, tablet and laptop — 61% say they want to use mobile technology even more. Universities that want to keep their halls of learning full must be sure their data centres are ready to meet these connectivity demands.

It’s not just students who will be looking at your technology offerings before they make decisions, prospective faculty members don’t want to be left behind and potential researchers seek cutting edge facilities to help reel in precious grant money. On top of this, many of the latest on campus systems, security cameras for example, run off of wireless connections.

Think about game day. In addition to the student body, thousands of fans descend and bring even more devices. The access points that need to be covered now are widespread and exponential.

Yet, in many cases data centres at higher education institutions are aged and the equipment in the many wiring closets in the dorms and libraries are not up to date either. The mobile revolution isn’t even 10 years old yet and it took all industries by surprise. Private sector businesses are just beginning to catch up, but colleges and universities haven’t had the same opportunities.

The Mobile Revolution

APC’s Higher Education solutions provide the resources
you need to stay ahead of the changing times.

2017 Top 5 IT Issues

1. Data-Informed Decision Making:
Ensuring that business intelligence, reporting, and analytics are relevant, convenient, and used by administrators, faculty, and students.

2. Data Management and Governance:
Improving the management of institutional data through data standards, integration, protection, and governance

3. Higher Education Affordability:
Prioritising IT investments and resources in the context of increasing demand and limited resources

4. Next-Gen Enterprise IT:
Developing and implementing enterprise IT applications, Edge Computing, architectures, and sourcing strategies to achieve agility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and effective analytics

5. Digital Transformation of Learning:
Collaborating with faculty and academic leadership to apply technology to teaching and learning in ways that reflect innovations in pedagogy and the institutional mission


Integrated IT Solutions

Schneider Electric’s Integrated IT solutions simplify infrastructure supply chain, reduce time and cost to deploy, and reduce the overall complexity of your IT solutions and operations.

5 Steps to Easy Integration

Choose your rack
Schneider Electric has the right rack system to fit your needs. Choose from traditional IT cabinets, CX furniture enclosures, wall-mount enclosures or multi-bay enclosures.

Select your components
Customize your racks and have them prebuilt and preconfigured with your power strips, UPS, data cabling panels, organizers, fans, and other IT gear.

All components preinstalled
Schneider Electric has a comprehensive selection of components, all installed at customer defined locations within the rack prior to shipment.

Delivered on Shock-proof pallets
Our Shock Packaging pallets are designed to safely load, transport, unload and deploy a cabinet with up to 2000 lbs of IT equipment installed.

Rack installed at your location
Schneider Electric professional services can help you with installing everything from electrical, mechanical, IT equipment to network cabling. We’re here for you.

Customer Example: Site Assessment

Customer Challenge
With limited or no IT staff on site, the customer needed to reduce equipment installation time in each store. Also, each location was operating independently, creating confusion when trying to address IT issues.

The solution
Schneider Electric preinstalled the required equipment in each rack at our factory, assigning specific rack locations to specific data center equipment.

Benefits to the customer

  • Simplified deployment by bringing six vendors down to one
    One quote, one PO, one order to track (vs 6)

  • Reduced shipping cost
    One configured rack vs 6 separate components with separate shipping costs

  • Increased speed of install
    Reduced complexity during store installation

Keep Up with the Speed of Business with the Integrated Infrastructure Solutions from Schneider Electric.

  • Reduce total cost per site by consolidating vendors and shipping costs
  • Decrease installation & technician costs with majority of components preinstalled
  • Speed installation by lowering number of components installed on site
  • Lower complexity with uniform parts and locations within rack
  • Reduce tracking of multiple orders and vendors for the site
  • Ensure availability of all components to eliminate delays in installation

Take Control of Your Remote IT

All too frequently, businesses lack visibility to their remote IT installations, leading to a chaotic and unmanaged environment. Unlike datacenters which may have qualified staff on hand 24/7, these remote environments may only be accessible to unqualified local staff whose primary role has nothing to do with IT. During normal operation, these sites frequently go unchecked and unsupervised. There is often no clear record of what is installed, what capacity’s may or may not be available, and what may be in some state of malfunction. This is where Schneider Electric can help.

4 Steps to Controlling Your Remote IT Installtions

Evaluate Your Current Assets
Our first step is to review your current list of assets, often with data you supply. However, we can also conduct an onsite asset collection or assessment. The first provides a simplistic site inventory including asset age, status, part number, and serial number.

The latter is a more comprehensive review of the IT environment including power and cooling performance, inventories, layouts, pictures, and recommendations.

Determine Your Needs
Once inventories are taken and sites assessed, recommendations are made to bring sites up to standards. Any upgrades to IT Infrastructure systems can be managed turn-key by Schneider Electric.

Connect Sites to Our Experts
One option to maintaining the integrity of remote IT infrastructure is to digitally connect all related devices to the Schneider Electric StruxureOn service. This connects your infrastructure systems to the experts who can be a primary or secondary set of eyes for proactively monitoring any system faults 24x7.

Connecting your assets makes them accessible via the StruxureOn mobile app and links you directly to Schneider customer service for quick issue resolution.

Manage Infrastructure Systems
It is a common scenario: You are responsible for a “fleet” of IT Infrastructure systems, you have limited staff on location, and there are constant issues happening or about to happen. Managing incidents will keep local staff focused on their primary roles, keep systems up, and the business functioning.

Again, this is where Schneider Electric can help with Infrastructure Fleet Management. An enhancement to the StruxureOn service, Fleet Management adds onsite resolution to system faults, helping to spot a problem before it has a chance to escalate, fixing it quickly, and greatly reducing the overall MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).

Customer Example:
Site Assessment

Customer Challenge
The customer was spending too much time managing the different systems and equipment across all field offices. When any IT equipment failed or needed to be updated, the facilities department had to coordinate both a Schneider Electric tech and an electrician to resolve the issue. Scheduling issues often resulted in multiple visits to the site for additional maintenance creating frustration and a loss of time and money. The customer needed help optimizing the process, removing risk, and improving speed of service.

The solution
Schneider Electric implemented turnkey operations for each of the facility sites. All end user products are managed by Schneider Electric as a single point of coordination, including planning, preparation and execution of all IT facility operations.

Benefits to the customer
The customer has greatly reduced their risk and is able to focus on the full portfolio of their sites per region. Countless man hours have been saved and risk has been removed.

Infrastructure Asset Management

Customer Challenge
The customer had no IT staff onsite and needed help increasing the speed of recovery and equipment installation.

The solution
Asset Management Service from Schneider Electric is an all-inclusive package that provides proactive monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and repair or replacement of equipment in the event of failure, regardless of UPS age or location.

Benefits to the customer
Utilizing Schneider Electric’s Asset Management Services and Struxureware software solutions, the customer saw a 99% drop in site outages and greatly increased their availability and site up-time.

Simplify your Higher Education Data Center Complexity

The most effective data centers, including new builds, upgrades, and retrofits, use a life cycle services approach because it helps:

  • Standardize and modularize to avoid or quickly resolve issues, and reduce and preserve capital
  • Optimize power, cooling, and space both in bank-owned and co-located sites to maximize computing effectiveness and create new opportunities for IT expansion
  • Lower operating costs
  • Contribute to corporate energy efficiency goals and sustainability goals
  • Make operational excellence a core competency, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction
  • Mitigate risk

A life cycle services approach helps higher education reduce, eliminate, improve, and create:


  • Data center complexity
  • equipment & service providers
  • Operating costs
  • One-time engineering
  • On-site fabrication
  • Maintenance
  • Human error


  • Oversizing
  • Component-level specification process
  • Unusable capacity
  • Rework
  • Surprises


  • Efficiency, power density
  • Deployment speed
  • Predictability, including availability, capacity, & density
  • Aesthetics


  • Standardized reference designs
  • Solution-level performance specifications
  • Simple specification methods
  • Automated selection and design tools

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