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Like the batteries that power your car, high-quality, purpose-built uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) power today’s mission-critical infrastructures. But life expectancy can vary greatly, depending on factors such as whether or not you proactively perform routine maintenance. Our UPS lifecycle recommendations can help maximise your UPS investments and ensure business-critical applications are always on.

UPS life expectancy depends on:




If your UPS is less than 3 years old

Extended Warranty

Why invest in an APC extended warranty?

With the purchase of an APC extended warranty, you will enjoy a seamless 1-3 year extension of the standard factory warranty, depending on the service pack purchased. The extended warranty provides repair or replacement of your APC UPS, as well as your battery.

If your UPS is less than 3 years old, an extended warranty offers considerable benefits, including:

- Free shipping on replacement parts
- Free RBC replacement of non-functioning batteries
- 24/7 support to answer your questions, and give you peace of mind
- 1 and 3 year UPS warranty options



If your UPS is 3-5 years old

Replacement Battery

If your UPS is 3-5 years old, an APC replacement battery cartridge (RBC) is likely the best option for you. An RBC would provide you with:

- Complete assembly for easy hot-swap installation
- Free RBC replacement of non-functioning batteries
- Prepaid postage to a nearby recycling partner for battery disposal


Upgrade your UPS

If your UPS is 5+ years old, consider upgrading to a new UPS with enhanced features! Please contact customer service for assistance.



Five reasons why you should only use a genuine APC RBC in your APC UPS

1. Use of a non-APC battery may result in lower runtime, damage the UPS, create hazardous conditions, or void safety certifications on the UPS 

2. Use of a non-APC battery will void APC’s Equipment Protection Policy. 

3. APC recycles used batteries. With each purchase of a genuine APC replacement battery, you get free freight back to APC for proper disposal of your old batteries (USA only) 

4. APC provides a 1-year warranty on each RBC. 

5. APC supplies the appropriate instructions, wires and connectors.



Learn How to Manage and Maximize Your UPS

This white paper discusses the key factors that influence both battery and UPS life, and provides simple recommendations and guidelines to help you manage your single-phase UPS.

Once a UPS has been in service for 10 years, owners should consider the following options:

1 - Buy new – Should the UPS be replaced with a new one?

2 - Upgrade - Can it be refurbished to extend life and performance for several more years?

3 - Do nothing - Or is it better to perform basic maintenance and let the device continue until it ceases performing?

Single Phase UPS Management, Maintenance, and Lifecycle

“How long will my battery last?” and “What is the best practice for maintaining my UPS?” are very common questions posed from UPS owners. Few realise there is more to the UPS than just battery back-up; and that, like all electronics it has a life expectancy.

Many of the factors that affect battery life also affect UPS electronics. Some factors may be controlled by taking some preventative measures or simply adjusting some basic UPS settings. This whitepaper discusses the key factors that influence both battery and UPS life; and provides some simple recommendations and guidelines to help you manage your single phase UPS to maximise the life and overall availability. 

Protect yourself against a failing UPS

Recommendations for Prolonging UPS Life

If your UPS is...



Extended Warranty

Protect your investment

  • Free shipping on replacement parts.
  • Free replacement battery. 
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Affordable warranty options.

Battery Replacement

Ensure continued operations

  • Full assmbled with hot-swap instructions.
  • Postage-paid packaging with instructions
    for recycling spent batteries.

UPS Replacement

Modernise your environment

  • Advanced features and technologies. 
  • Greater energy efficiency. 
  • Discounted pricing with UPS trade-ins.


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