Features and Benefits of Micro Data Centres

Micro Data Centre from APC by Schneider Electric makes it fast, easy and cost effective to design, procure and deploy the physical layer of IT systrems to Data Cenres or the Edge, anywhere in the world.

IT vendor validated architectures and solutions

Pre-installation of the physical layer makes it easy for customers,partners and integrators to quickly install IT equipment and deliver to final destination

Designed for the latest converged and hyperconverged IT systems.

Physically secure to prevent unauthorised access

Remote management of conncted assets for maximum uptime and availibility.

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Micro Data Centre Solutions

Protect and manage big data in small spaces with single-unit solutions containing a complete infrastructure inside a secure framework that safeguards critical business applications. Micro Data Centre solutions include:

Micro Data Centre SX
Ideal for data centre or edge deployments

Micro Data Centre FX
Ruggedised for performance in any environment

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Micro Data Centers at the Edge - Why are they needed?


Micro Data Center Xpress solutions make it easy and cost effective to add data center capacity anywhere and anytime it is needed – in both IT Room and non climate controlled environments.

These customizable designs include the physical enclosure, UPS, PDU, cooling, software, environmental monitoring, and security – all tested, assembled, and packaged at an APC by Schneider Electric facility and then shipped.

For System Integrators
We provide a comprehensive starting point of integrated physical infrastructure for micro data centers. We simplify the manufacturing process and save costs!

For IT Solution Providers
We work to define standard solutions that are validated by Converged/Hyperconverged industry vendors. We simplify the purchasing and delivery process!

For End Customers
End users need to deploy standardized drop-in-place micro data centers en masse; potentially for thousands of sites with global availability. We simplify the delivery and deployment processes with repeatable designs, leveraging centralized management for higher availability.

Industry Trends Drive Need for Edge

Internet use is trending towards bandwidthintensive content and an increasing number of attached devices; what many call the Internet of Things (IoT).

Edge computing brings bandwidthintensive content and latency-sensitive applications closer to the user or data source, providing a low latency bridge to the centralized cloud.

Recent industry moves are showing a shift to a decentralised, hybrid computing ecosystem.

As a result, the future will see a proliferation of localized edge data centers utilizing converged and hyperconverged technologies.

APC has invested heavily in building relationships & alliances with key vendors in the converged/hyperconverged market, and has recently attained validations with Cisco and Nutanix.

Providing Agility, Capacity, and Security

3 Models: Micro Data Center Xpress


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Rack: 42U NetShelter SX w 2000lbs Shock Packaging AR3100SP

Power: 2x 5kVA, 208V UPS w NMC SRT5KRMXLT

Power Distribution: 2x Switched rPDU, 0U AP8941

Power Cord Kit: (6 ea), Locking, C13 to C14, 1.8m, NA AP8706S-NA

Environmental Monitoring & Security: NetBotz 250 Appliance & Rack Access, 125kHz NBACS125

Misc: Brush Strip Panel, Blanking Panels AR8429, AR8136BLK


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Rack: 24U NetShelter SX w 1250lbs Shock Packaging AR3104SP1

Power: 2x 3kVA, 120V UPS w NMC SMX3000RMLV2UNC

Power Distribution: 2x Switched rPDU, 2U AP7902B

Power Cord Kit: (5 ea) C13 to 5-15P 0.6m AP9891

Environmental Monitoring & Security: NetBotz 250 Appliance & Rack Access, 125kHz NBACS125

Misc: Brush Strip Panel, Blanking Panels AR8429, AR8136BLK


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Rack: 23U NetShelter FX w Shock Packaging AR 5023TCT

Power: 2x 3kVA, 120V UPS w NMC SMX3000RMLV2UNC

Power Distribution: 2x Switched rPDU, 2U AP7902B

Power Cord Kit: (5ea) C13 to 5- 15P 0.6m AP9891

Environmental Monitoring & Security: NetBotz 250 Appliance & Rack Access, 125kHz NBACS125

Misc: Brush Strip Panel, Blanking Panels AR8429, AR8136BLK PLUS! Cooling via Top-of-Rack Kooltronic

Discover the power of Micro Data Centres.

See why so many industries rely on the largest selection of Micro Data Centres available on the market. Learn how these standardised, cost-effective, simple to manage solutions can transofrm your company today.

Micro Data Centre Infrastructure

Safe Shipping and Fast Deployment with Cisco + APC by Schneider Electric

 Today’s converged and hyperconverged infrastructures and off-premise data centers require fully populated IT cabinets to be safely shipped to customer or colocation sites for fast, low-risk deployment. The loss of or damage to even a single rack can run up to a million dollars or more.

APC by Schneider Electric delivers a Cisco-validated shipping solution that simplifies Cisco UCS “rack and stack” and protects IT equipment to lower costs, reduce risk, and speed deployment.

Tested and Validated for shipment of Cisco UCS Platforms.

From APC by Schneider Electric’s long and trusted relationship with Cisco comes the Cisco-certified NetShelter SX with Shock Packaging for easy “rack and stack” and shipment of pre-racked Cisco UCS servers.

The NetShelter SX with Shock Packaging makes it easy to prepare fully populated IT cabinets for shipment in less time and with greater protection than before for fast, risk-free deployment.

  • Certified to Cisco’s high standards with testing conducted on the NetShelter SX with Shock Packaging beyond the industry standard International Safety Transit Association (ISTA) 3E shipping standards.
  • Designed with safety first for safe loading, transport, unloading, and deployment of up to 2,000 pounds (907 kg) of IT equipment per cabinet.

  • Supported by key protection features such as a shock-absorbing pallet, unloading ramp, and impact-resistant shell—for safe loading, unloading, and placement.

Easy installation, integration, and configuration
Shock packaging removes easily for complete access to the cabinet during “rack and stack” and, once populated, re-assembles fast for shipping.

Added load support
Robust equipment mounting rail fastening system to support the load, even under high vibration, until it’s ready to be wheeled into place.

Better maneuverability
Durable, heavy-duty casters feature higher load ratings and offer a smoother rolling profile for ample maneuverability at the delivery site.

Complete rack stability
Cabinet elevation/pallet brackets secure the rack to the pallet, removing the weight from and protecting the casters.

Impact- and vibration-resistance
Multi-layer pallet supports and evenly distributes cabinet load to absorb impact and vibration during integration and transit.

Safer ramp removal
Easy-to-use ramp stores within and easily attaches securely to the pallet and, with built-in rails and fixed rear casters, guide cabinet safely down the ramp during removal.

Outer protection
Complete outer wrap and protective inserts with reusable locking clips shield gear from dust and debris, conceal contents, and allow for integrator branding on the outerwrap.

Flexible sizing
Multiple sizes accommodate high density IT applications, such as deep servers, wide cabinets of server/storage/networking gear and heights such as 45U and 48U.

Customer choice
Choice of supporting physical IT infrastructure with APC by Schneider Electric racks and power leveraging Schneider Electric’s total data center solution InfraStruxure, giving customers another alternative when deploying Cisco UCS.

Industry-Trusted IT Infrastructure Experts

APC by Schneider Electric is the industry expert in data centre physical infrastructure design and offer a full portfolio of rack systems, including enclosures, PDUs, cooling, cables/cable management, and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software.

Cisco is the industry expert in connecting IT infrastructure via servers, switches, and software. Together, they provide a "rack and stack" solution that allows IT integrators, resellers, and providers to quickly deploy in client environments with no risk.

Additional APC Solutions Certified by Cisco:

APC Intelligent Rack PDU Integration with Cisco Energy/Wyse

APC Smart UPS Integration with Cisco UCM

StruxureWare for Data Centers UCS Manager Plug-in

APC Rack Systems for Cisco Nexus

Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers

Virtualisation: Optimized Power, Cooling, and Management Maximizes Benefits

Standardisation and Modularity in Data Center Physical Infrastructure

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