APC Extended Warranty

Certainty in a connected world

Uptime and availability are critical regardless of application. With an APC™ extended warranty you can have the peace of mind to know that your equipment will remain powered, protected and available in any scenario; because when preparation isn't enough, we being you certainty.

Why should you invest in an APC extended warranty?

With the purchase of an APC extended warranty, you will experience a seamless extension of the standard warranty by one to three years, depending on the service pack purchased. The extended warranty provides repair or replacement of your APC UPS and even covers your battery.

1 and 3 year options

APC extended warranties are offered in both 1 and 3 year options to give you flexibility and peace of mind.

7x24 technical support

Our experienced APC technical support engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quality and reliability

All replacement parts will be factory certified and offer best-in-class quality and compatibility.

Free shipping

The APC extended warranty program offers you free shipping, making sure you get the replacements you need with no additional expense.

Next day shipping

APC will provide next day
shipment of any UPS, battery or
replacement part.

Service warranty certificate

An email Service Entitlement Certificate provides a detailed record of the service registration, along with the service expiration date so you can be prepared and confident.

Product Registration

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By registering your product, you will verify ownership of your APC aproduct, get easy access to helpful product support information and more.

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UPS Factory Warranty Status

The UPS Factory Warranty Status tool is designed to help you calculate your product's factory warranty period. APC product warranties are a based on a fixed period of time starting from the purchase date of the unit. Duration of warranties are specific to each product. If proof of purchase cannot be obtained, the warranty duration is calculated from the manufacture date of the unit.

The UPS Factory Warranty Status tool provides both the manufacture date and the warranty duration for your product to assist you in determining your product's factory warranty coverage.

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