Apple in Business

Today, end users want to choose the device they use for work and expect seamless access to information and personalised support resources. Adoption of Apple in the workplace may have been initially driven by user preference but IT and executives alike now recognise that Apple is also more secure and cost-effective, when you consider the total cost of ownership, which is leading to an increasing number of businesses choosing Apple.

Light-touch implementation

Not only is Mac built with the best hardware and software, it’s also designed to work seamlessly with iPhone and iPad. Productivity has also never been better on Mac with a new generation of apps for business. And macOS makes it easy for IT to deploy at scale.

Traditional IT is all about using a “one size fits all” management philosophy. The new IT manages with a light touch, empowering users to discover solutions that work best for them.


Deploying and Managing Apple Devices

Deploying and managing Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is super simple thanks to the combination of Apple’s Device Enrolment Program, Volume Purchase Program and a Mobile Device Management solution.

Insight can make sure that your devices are enrolled in DEP before they even get to you, ready to be managed by an MDM like Jamf Pro.

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Mobile. Work. Life.

Insight have a range of industry-leading solutions for Mac, iPhone and iPad to help you become more productive and helping employees become collaborative in innovative ways.

Improve customer engagement, make sure that your reps have the latest versions of documents at hand all the time and understand what content is being used and why with Bigtincan.



Employee freedom, IT control

Transformation is not a future activity, it is a present event. Millennials don’t use email, they use Kik or WhatsApp as they’ve even left the text message behind. If they want to share something they’ll tweet it or use SnapChat, as Facebook is for their parent’s generation.

macOS and iOS allow users to discover things for themselves, letting them adopt new ways of working for themselves but applying granular controls where you need to for genuine business reasons.


A Multinational
Financial Services provider

The client wanted to introduce new measures to improve the on site experience for their clients by introducing tablets as a means of communication. Having evaluated various options available the client settled on Apple’s iPad as the most appropriate device to deliver the required benefits to their business.

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