Deploying and Managing Apple Devices

Deploying and managing Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is super simple thanks to the combination of Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme,  Volume Purchase Programme and a Mobile Device Management solution.

Device Enrolment Programme

The Apple Device Enrolment Programme provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy iOS and macOS devices that your business has purchased.

You can automatically enrol devices in a Mobile Device Management solution without having to physically touch or prepare the devices before users get them. And you can further simplify the setup process for users by removing specific steps in the Setup Assistant, so users are up and running quickly.

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Volume Purchase Programme

The Volume Purchase Programme gives businesses a simple way to purchase apps and books in volume, and distribute apps to devices and apps and books to employees or contractors.

VPP for Business lets you get custom B2B apps for iOS, custom-built for you by third-party developers and downloaded privately from the VPP store.

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Mobile Device Management 

MDM lets your organisations securely enrol personally owned and organisation-owned devices. With an MDM solution in place, you can configure and update settings, monitor compliance with organisational policies and remotely wipe or lock managed devices. MDM also enables distribution, management and configuration of apps and books purchased through the Volume Purchase Programme or developed in‑house.

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