Both iOS and macOS have built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities that can be used by third- party MDM solutions to configure devices, deploy apps and books, and remotely manage devices over the air. MDM is an essential component of any deployment, so you’ll want to adopt a solution that fits your organisation’s needs.

Most MDM solutions work with directory services to leverage user directories and groups. Integrating with your organisation’s Active Directory, Open Directory, or LDAP service allows the MDM server to prompt users for their directory credentials upon enrolment, as well as associate users with devices.

MDM makes the management of iOS and macOS super easy, letting you configure settings, provision accounts, apps and books either purchased through the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) or written in-house and when combined with the Device Enrolment Programme you can make sure that management is in place before the device is even out of the shrink-wrap.

Because MDM enables the wireless management of devices, changing settings can be simple and straightforward without your IT team needing to touch the device, no matter where it is in the world.

Insight is able to provide all major MDM solutions and can consult with you to determine what level of device control you require and help you to understand what each will deliver for you.


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