Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) provides a scalable solution to manage your organisation’s content needs. Choose from thousands of apps in the App Store or the Mac App Store across a broad range of categories, from business and finance to productivity and travel, and so much more.

Purchase world-class apps in volume for both Mac and iOS through the VPP store. In addition to apps, books are also available from the iBooks Store.

Managed distribution is a feature of VPP that lets you distribute apps and books to managed devices or authorised users and easily keep track of what content has been assigned to which user or device. 

With managed distribution, apps that are no longer needed by a user can be revoked and reassigned to a different user or device within your organisation, so your organisation retains full ownership and control of purchased apps. 

Once books are distributed, they remain the property of the recipient and are not revocable or reassignable.

You can purchase VPP Credit from Insight using a purchase order thereby allowing you to centralise and manage procurement of apps and books.

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