Apple in Government

Providing frontline staff with mobile working solutions should allow professionals to spend more time with their clients in the community, as well as speeding up data capture and decision-making and reducing transcribing errors. iOS devices are easy and intuitive to use plus, following NCSC's End User Devices Security Guidance, iOS 10 is cleared for remote working at OFFICIAL levels which makes them the ideal mobile devices for government.

NCSC's End User Devices Security Guidance

Record it once, record it right

iPad and iPhone let you capture data in the field.

You can easily make forms available in other languages, without staff needing to carry lots of paper versions, and make form filling an interactive process with your clients rather than something which happens over the top of a clipboard.

Transcription errors can be avoided and by enforcing standardised responses where appropriate you can ensure that data is clean and accurate. Include signatures or annotate photographs as required.


Deploying and Managing Devices

Deploying and managing Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is super simple thanks to the combination of Apple’s Device Enrolment Program, Volume Purchase Program and a Mobile Device Management solution.

Insight can make sure that your devices are enrolled in DEP before they even get to you, ready to be managed by an MDM like Jamf Pro.

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Mobile. Work. Life.

Insight have a range of industry-leading solutions for Mac, iPhone and iPad to help you become more productive and helping employees become collaborative in innovative ways.

Improve customer engagement, make sure that your reps have the latest versions of documents at hand all the time and understand what content is being used and why with Bigtincan.



Revolutionising your mobile workflow

Once your iOS device is integrated with your other information systems you can start to drive real change in processes as you no longer need to wait for somebody to get back to the office or update things at the end of the day.

As soon as information is captured something can be done about it, making you more agile and more responsive to the needs of the people that you work with.


Is Apple right for you?

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