Innovating patient care

As more hospitals and private practices make the transition to electronic health records, more EHR apps have become available for viewing patient records on iPhone or iPad. Now you can securely access clinical data from your EHR system, manage patient information, see schedules, order prescriptions, and take notes—all from your iOS device.


Mobile Technology

By using Apple mobile technology, combined with Insight’s knowledge and expertise, we can transform the way in which you deliver your healthcare services. iPhone and iPad - in combination with the App Store ecosystem - are equipping healthcare providers with transformational new ways to work effectively within their hospitals, connect remotely with their patients, and conduct groundbreaking medical research.

Spend more time caring for the patient

With apps on iPhone and iPad nurses remain constantly connected with patients, care teams, and the hospital’s EHR infrastructure.

There’s no need to view patient images at a workstation or PC anymore. With medical imaging apps, you can access images wherever you are, checking on imaging at a moment’s notice from your iPhone or iPad whenever new studies are ready for review.


Workforce Mental Health from nhe March 2020

Read expertise, comment and analysis from key figures across the health and social care industry, including Michael Brodie, Chief Executive, NHS BSA, Professor Chris Harrison, Director, Lead International Programme, The Christie NHS FT, Kristian Niemeitz, Head of Political Economy, IEA and Marc Sanders, Chiropractor and Member of the BCA.


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Healthcare is rapidly evolving

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the world of healthcare. It’s transforming the way you interact with your patients to provide a service that is more streamlined, agile and dynamic. At the heart of it is how IT is eradicating the need for paper atient records, staff pagers, manual upload of observations and time consuming handovers to improve your patient safety, make you real financial savings and increase your productivity.

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